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Dear Reader,

I have a teddy bear. He has no hair and his ear has been sewed on more than once. Even his eye is cracked. My older sister gave him to me the day I was born. When I was about ten my mother kindly let me know that Teddy was too fragile to sleep with anymore. It was a sad time, putting him on the dresser. He was the best hugger of all my stuffed animals.

I still have him. He sits on my nightstand and every once in a while, I squeeze him. He’s comforting to me. Amazing for a 37 year old bear.

That’s how I do it. Love that is. I hang on long after the hair has fallen off. Long after it’s practical. I’m not a fan of change especially if it takes away something that I care about. That’s how I feel about my fanfiction writing. How I feel about my readers. It’s time to put my Twilight writing on the dresser. I don’t want to. I would love to stay here and cuddle in this perfect little place I have found in the world.

But I feel like I have to move on to original fiction. You have never steered me incorrectly. Because of your eyes, your opinions, I learned to dig as deep as I could when I was writing. If I wrote what I was afraid of, I was rewarded with your kind words. The story I was writing would ring true if it flowed from the place you dared me to go.

I don’t know the right combination of words to thank you for that. It’s an experience that I could not have purchased from a university, learned from a book. It’s only you that could get through to me. Thousands of you. Thousands of times. I’m thick headed, it would take that many people to make me see something I wasn’t looking for.

Fanfiction readers are dare devils. I know I have said it before, but you amaze me, so I keep saying it. You’re so fearless and open minded and committed to these stories. As a writer, it’s mind-blowing to be so very lucky to have your eyes on my work. It has been a distinct honor that I am very proud of.

It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to adding to this profile. I will not close it, in case you should need me, you can reach me via the private message feature. I want to keep you, I want to hug you when I need some reassurance or feel scared, but I understand by making this change, we may part ways. Being a fanfiction author is almost a team sport and the community that has bloomed around all of these words is spectacular. The charities, the love, the prayers and of course, the laughs, all make an atmosphere with its own magnetic field, pulling us in every day.

I’m stepping into my own fiction now. Mostly because my readers have told me over and over it was time. I’ve been here too long not to listen to you. But I can’t leave without telling you. I can’t leave without thanking you for letting me into your imagination and letting me play there. What a fantastic mind you have, anything is possible for me now, because if I can write for you- the most intelligent, heart-full, generous readers in the world, then I’m ready for anything.

So below is a link to my web site, in case you need it, in case I’m lucky enough to take you with me for the next step in this journey. More information about publishing Poughkeepsie, Crushed Seraphim and others can be found there.

Gratefully yours,

Mrs. The King


Update 2/26/15 Gynazole has been turned into a print book you can actually light on fire! Find it here (It says Pre-Order on the US AMAZON, but it should be immediately available on your kindle.)

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