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I can't imagine why anyone would read this since I'm not an author, but, just in case an author wants to check out who is leaving them lame, two-word reviews:

Mid-30's, married, no children, English Lit. Grad student. I read Twilight fanfic because it is brain candy. I have an enormous favorites list because FF doesn't have a list for 'This summary sounds interesting and I intend to read this fic ... some day'. There are, indeed, many stories in my favorites that I do consider ... favorites ... but, a vast majority are stories that I intend to read eventually ... maybe. I occasionally go through the list and 'weed' when I find a summary that no longer strikes my fancy.

I would probably be a good beta - lord knows I've paid enough in tuition, I sure as hell SHOULD be good at it - but I have a crap schedule and would hate to turn a simple, guilty pleasure into work.

Well, there you go. If you are an author and if you find yourself reading this, for whatever reason, know that - even though my review may be two words, if I leave one at all - I greatly appreciate the effort, talent and guts required to put yourselves out there like you do.

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