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I am 39 years old which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, I feel wise and that I have arrived at exactly the place I should be. On the other hand, 39 feels like a lie and I secretly ask myself why I haven’t preserved my ass as well as Jennifer Aniston has preserved hers… and another part of me says “Who cares?”. I hate games of all sorts. I care nothing for competition except against myself. Soduko puzzles make me contemplate sticking something sharp in my own arm.

I get a physical rash if I try to lie. I get the same rash if I try to do math. If I was ever to play poker (which you know I would never do if you read above.) You would never know if I was lying or trying to add my cards. Same difference.

I love poetry, art, and music.

Come play with us on the Northern Lights and Whiskey Lullabies forum at Twilighted!


Ps. look on the forum for Pics of the Clayoquot Wilderness Reserve and the Necklaces that Cahdla made.


My story Northern Lights and Whiskey Lullabies has been removed by the moderators of this site. It is posted at Twilighted. http:///viewstory.php?sid=5119&chapid=19483. Please visit there for future updates. Thank you to all of you who have read, reviewed and recommended my story. It means so much to me.

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