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Wife and mother of 3. I have been reading Fanfiction for about 18 years now. It never gets old. Hopefully those that write will keep it up. I love all things Twilight and hope in another 5-10 years people are still writing about it.

I have posted my first story and am honestly nervous. I am not an English major and I am sure I will have grammar problems so give me a break and be nice. Thanks.

I have now posted my second story and even going back I see mistakes. I'm sorry. I will work on fixing them.

A dear friend of mine plans to have a look through and might just consider becoming my Beta for future stories.

Hope you all enjoy.

After thinking it over I have decided after looking at reviews to give Delivery of a Lifetime a Full story. It might take me awhile though.

I don't like to read unfinished stories, you never know how long it might take people to update or finish them.

Because of this, I will only put up finished stories.

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