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Note: I now have an account on Archive of Our Own that will have all my stories here and will be a back up in case decided to go down again. I have the same user name as here. I have an Ouran fic called Mother's Day over at AO3 that's not here.

If you want to find me on tumblr, I'm using the same username as here. Also here is a tumblr post about how to do stuff on http:///post/29003860086/how-to-use-fanfiction-net

Here is some fanfiction writing advice: http:///blog/fanfiction-writing-tips/

Some more writing resources will be on this page.

Currently as of June 21, 2014 :

General Note: Bold is new. A job has been keeping me busy. I have a one-shot that is mostly finished but needs some work. It currently has a beginning and ending done, but I skip some scenes that I didn't want to write and am in the process of rewording other scenes.

The Legend and the King: Yugi's New Journey:Next chapter is currently being typed up. I will be slowly progressing on this once I get some of the Ouran fics I am working on done. I was rereading chapter one yesterday and felt it was terrible, but I don't think I will rewrite and leave it up as a testment of how far I have come as a writer. Also, I'm thinking that I might have to ignore some parts of the Legend that was created in chapter 1. Don't expect the next chapter anytime soon.

Historical Addition: Another Destiny: Chapter 29 has the first two parts written. I need to write four or three more parts, depending on how I feel. I have completed a piece that will be used for sequel and you will get to read a few of the lines in chapter 29. I had given myself a scare and thought I lost it on my computer, but I didn't. The only thing I've been doing for this fic is thinking about its sequel. I'm thinking of rewriting chapter 29 to make it a little more better, but I feel like I need to pen down some things in the sequel before I can write the rest of this chapter.

Defeated Evil: Started working on next poem. I will probably write all the poems related to Death T first before publishing any of them, so you guys can get a spam.

Of Youma and Duel Monsters: I am currently not working on the next chapter and will probably work on the summary for this fic before continuing it, but I would love if people would give more input on this. I'm thinking that I might want to rewrite the last chapter since I'm not all that happy with it.

Two Mischievous Boys: I've started the third chapter that will end up being the final chapter. Probably will be a crappy ending because I want to get this done with and over with. Debating about whether or not to take it down or leave it up as unfinished.

The Strange Tales of an Egyptian Mau: Posted the prologe. I believe I have started writing a little bit of the first chapter.

After Two Years: Nightmares posted. I will start the final section sometime soon and will write some of it before writing the shorter story about Ryouji/Ranka getting back to Japan. Rewriting a part that has not want to rewrite all that nice.

Behind the Host Club: I need to check to see where this is.

Friendship: This was once a one-shot, but after rereading it, I realized that it deserves to become a multichapter fic. I should do an outline for it so I can figure out where I will be going with it before writing it.Writing a outline before continuing it. Need to get back to the outline because I've been getting quite a few ideas for this fic. Currently doing an outline. I have a LOT of story ideas for later in the plot line. Also, I have been spending some quality time to develop the bad guy into a fully fleshed out character. When the next chapter is posted you will get a feel for him. Also, here is a link to a little except that I posted to my tumblr. On my tumblr, the tag for this fanfic is friendship fanfic.

Websites I am currently on with corresponding user names:

MangaFox -- user name KageNoNeko

Fly Or Die(usually I do Go on this site) -- username Shadowcat

KGS (Go server) -- username KageNoNeko

FRoP-- KageNoNeko

deviantArt- KageNoNeko-Maat

Here's the pairings I support:

TamaHaru (Ouran; only pairing that's stated in canon)

Peachshipping (Yugi and Anzu, I think the manga is a little more obvious about this pairing especially R)

Royai (FMA, took two anime series and the manga to get me to this pairing)

NaruHina (Naruto)


Lemmy (Professor Layton series - Professor Layton and Emmy)

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