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Disclaimer - I own none of the characters, places or even ideas used in my story.

This is mostly here so I can keep track of my favorites. I have uploaded a couple of things I have managed to write more than a couple of hundred words on. I tend to get ideas but don't get them very far so I don't know if / when anything else of mine will be posted here.

If you have a good idea of how to continue a story I've posted, feel free to take it and do so. I don't own it so I won't stop you. The only thing I ask is to send a message so I can check it out.

De-FFNet-Izer - This program lets you download fanfics from this site onto your PC without a fuss.

Shadow Chronicles - "On a clear day you can see forever" is a must read if you enjoy Ranma / Sailor Moon crossovers.

Hobbies are video games, reading fanfics and manga and watching the occasional anime when I buy them.

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