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Hello! My name is Deanna and I'm a married late 20-something who devotes far too much time procrastinating with fanfiction (and loving it). I currently am most interested in reading stories in the Sherlock (BBC) fandom and the Harry Potter Fandom, though I also have been known to read those in the Sookie Stackhouse and occasionally Twilight crossover fiction.

7-11-2012: A note on my own story, "Florence Nightengale at your service, Viking": It is on hiatus (if you couldn't tell from the lengthy time since updating).

I have not abandoned it exactly, but Dead and Gone (SVM Book 9) kind of brutally slaughtered my muse for the fandom, kind of like CH brutally slaughters so many of her characters and/or their poor psyches. The books after 9 were alright, better in that they didn't provoke the desire in me to put sharp implements into my eyes, but not enough to completely wake up the muse. I do intend to finish it, though. I will update this when I start writing again. I have a couple of projects in the works that are using my creative juices right now instead. Thank you to all of you who have sent supportive messages. I appreciate it!

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