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My Name Is: Zeltronica (What did you really think I would put my real name on here?)


Sex: F

I like the odds and ends and I also like watching anime and reading comics I own quite a bit of Ranma stuff such as book's manga, and anime so to speak and I plan to write out some fan fiction of my own accord for Ranma's story.

I prefer to write lock fics to test my creativity and originality on the twist I bring to it. Many stories have dealt with locked in female form, This is true but there are different ways it can be approached, So I choose a way and I try to be original not copying off people if I can help it, any coincidences are just that because I as said before write what comes to my mind.

Also, I like to note that Ranma-Chan when you read some of my stories she has a specialty to her to make her unique blue and red hair and so forth.

Also, something you should know about me and my stories is I will 5x out of every 10 stories deviate from the main canon if I feel it limits my abilities to write.

The purpose of Fan Fiction is to write the story in your vision changing Rumi's vision only slightly or all together there are no rules that say you have to write the characters just the way Rumi-chan envisioned, also there is no rule that says Ranma can't use a gun(Though he/she don't need too.) Also would like to say there is nothing saying Ranma has to be completely in hatership about his curse he gets a choice in fan fiction which is to go along with the writers views muttering the whole way, or smile and nod about it.

For possible news and updates go to my Face Book: ranko.saotome.75

(You will see the Name Daimankaicho Hild if you wish to add me.) -Zeltronica

Favorite Ranma Pairing lists







7: Ranma/Nabiki

Please note I may have some distance between chapters as I do use beta readers to help perfect my stories. (They do have lives besides just ours.)

I also am an avid game player which include. (So don't expect chapters super quick.)

I can also be reached on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002339089941

My handle for xbox live is Zeltronica.

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