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My name is Leslie I live in Orange County CA I'm 29 yrs old and I'm addicted to the awesome stories on FANFIC!! I love the Twilight stories!! There are some seriously wicked writers on here! ;o) As you can tell I have read a LOT of stories. I love Bella with ALMOST anyone. There are some I refuse to read. Like James, Laurent, and Aro. Sometimes I am in the mood for hot Wolf lovin' and sometimes Vamp lovin'. Plus, human ain't too bad! lol Please go through them. I am sure you will find one that you haven't read yet! Plus, I have an account on TWCS as well! Same name over there! See you around the Twilight world! Oh and I would love to be a beta! The only problem is I think I have to write something. I hope that can be bypassed. Let me know if you are interested . I am very good at picking out typos and other oopsies, and VERY open minded! ;o}

UPDATE: I took a break for about 8 yrs from fanfic. Divorce, moved cross country and now in school full time. Have been rereading some of my favs and also some new stories. Still love the fanfic world.

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