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(Okay, so, no one has actually asked them yet, but I'm assuming they will. So, it's more like... possibly frequently asked questions. Which is a little egotistical, if you think about it too hard. Don't think about it too hard.)

Q: So, you're writing a sequel to Kinetically Charmed's Beautiful Mind of Katherine Pryde. Um... Huh?

A: Yeah, funny story. So, little known fact: I've been backseat driving on that piece for a while now. Which, by the way, is the best. gig. ever. Anywho, at one point a loooooong time ago, KC was asking when I was going to get around to writing chpt 3 of the Normal sequel, and I was all "I don't know..." Because as much as I love the plot of that story, it's SO much drama, and helping with Kitty's blog was just SO much more fun and light. So off-handedly I said "Gosh, I wish I could just write something like, oh I don't know, The Beautiful Mind of Remy LeBeau." But of course, Remy would never write a blog. And thus the evolution of Rogue's blog began.

Q: I want to read Rogue's blog, because I'm a Rogue fan. Do I have to have read Kitty's blog first?

A: That's a tough question. There aren't a whole lot of things in the world that you HAVE to do. You have to breathe in and out. You have to consume a certain amount of calories. You have to think Wentworth Miller is pretty. But that's pretty much it. Yes, Kitty's blog will be referenced a LOT. It will be assumed that you've read it. But, come on, Kitty's blog is not exactly a complicated plotline full of twists and turns, so even without having read it, I'm sure you won't be lost. But, COME ON. You should really just go read the thing. Because it's awesome. AWESOME. And if you're a Rogue fan, you will love it. If you're a fan of good writing and witty humor, you will love it. If you're a fan of pancakes and/or leather, you will love it.

Q: HEY, Remy and Rogue are broken up in Rogue's blog! What gives, jerk face?

Yes, they are broken up. For now. Seeds of drama, y'all, seeds of drama. But, I will just remind everyone, I am a DIE HARD romy fan. Like, to the point of obnoxious fan-girl-ness. So worry not, my lovies. There will be a buttload of squee-worthy moments and a whole lot of build up towards the ultimate reward. So, patience, grasshoppers.

Q. Are you ever going to go back to writing The Dance We Do?

A: Short answer: No, with a But. Long answer: Yes, with an If. I do still love the plot I have for that one. It's a journey I want to take. At some point. But right now, I'm just in a place where I want to write something light and airy and fun, and that is not TDWD. I'm sure once I got Rogue's blog out of my system, I'll be ready to get heavy and jiggy with Remy's past.

Q. KC was super duper great at updating ALL the time. Are you going to be as super duper as she was?

A: Um... maybe? My goal is an update once a week. So, we'll see. I can guarantee it won't be any more frequent than that, though. I'm not a machine, I'm a human being!

Q. Now that it's Rogue's blog, will Kitty be sitting sidelines? Will we lose all the good KIOTR stories?

A. Heck no! Come on, that would be a travesty. Kitty and KIOTR will be as big a part of Rogue's blog as Rogue and ROMY were in Kitty's blog. Let your mind wrap around that one for a second. Yeah, that whole group of characters is just one big rat-king. They are all interconnected, yo.

I miss Seattle and its monotonous seasons. I miss grunge music. I miss baggy flannels. I miss Doc Martins and Pike Place Market. I think I'd just like 1994 back, please.

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