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I am a reader not a writer.

I can't imagine the courage it takes to put your writing out there, the time it takes to write while dishes pile up, kids go hungry, dogs go unwalked and husbands/boyfriends/significant others are left neglected. Thank you for sharing this part of yourselves with us for no pay, putting up with the whinny readers that never review and just want daily updates filled with lemon after lemon.

Most of the stuff I read is all human, but I have gotten sucked into some great vampire ones. I usually like angst with a tortured Edward saving a broken Bella while she brings him to back to life. Throw in some smut and a little humor and it is an instant favorite especially if it doesn't include an Alice shopping trip/makeover (a small one is okay, but not an entire chapter devoted to it).

I used to read only B and E but then I read a little one-shot called Wood by Algonquinrt. Totally changed my mind. So I read Son of a Preacher Man. Totally changed my mind about Bella/Jasper. I do still prefer Bella and Edward or Edward and Jasper, but I am starting to open up. I think I just need Edward to get pulled into the story.

I have an irrational fear of bridges.

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