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Joined Jan '09, Australia

Greetings Earthlings!!

I hope you will welcome me into the world of fanfiction with open arms, and not bag the pathetic stuff i put up. As you may have guessed, i have hardly any self-confidence left, even though my time on this earth has been a short one. I blame the media. Anyway, i love the Mighty Boosh, Black Books, Latest Buzz and many other kids and BBC shows!!

I can't think of anything else to say, apart from ... no nothing!

Random Scribblings of an insane idiot!

If you mated an elephant with a mouse, how big would it be?

Why is it that when you have one day booked for something, three other things turn up to foil your plans?

Who invented stairs? Seriously, whoever did was a genius!

Things i like (in no particular order or genre):

Sad or unusual endings to films

Terry Pratchett books

Harold and Maude

Corpse Bride

Singin in the Rain

The Blues Brothers

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