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If you're reading this, I must have left a review to one of your stories. So, first of all, I want to thank you for writing and for sharing your story.

I'm an economics teacher (college level), and I really try to be a funny teacher (I try to make laugh my students once in a day at last) even if I'm very demanding when it comes to grade! I often speak about The Iron Man, Harry Potter and so on during my class, they're sometimes good examples. One of my teaching uses Disney's "Finding Nemo" as a starting point...

I'm French, I live in France, so, if you have some sentences that you want to translate in French, feel free to ask me!

I've switched from Inuyasha's fanfictions (Kagome Sesshomaru) to X-Men (Gambit-Rogue) and then to Harry Potter (Draco Hermione are my favorites). I really like "nice girls / bad boy" stories!

That's all about me.

Merci à tous pour vos superbes histoires! (Thanks all for your wonderful stories!)


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