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I'm a 34 yr old working mom of 3. I spend my days chasing kids, working and feeding my love for all things Fanfiction.

My first fanfic love was Twilight. When reading the original series I never gave the periphery characters a second thought other than how they would help Bella and Edward in their quest for a Happily Ever After. However, after reading some great fanfics, I've found a new love. Jasper Whitlock Hale aka Jackson Rathbone - He's a man. A real man and I love him. Also, he reminds me of my darling hubby and Lord, Have Mercy how I love that man, so it's no wonder Jasper has now captured my heart.

I then discovered Queer as Folk and the awesomeness that is Brian Kinney. This is one fandom when I absolutely, positively stick to cannon. There is a hard limit on my Brian Kinney love and it is that he must always end up with Justin. There is no alternative in my mind.

Then came Eric Northman. Lord, that man is without question the hottest blond I've ever laid eyes on. I'm normally a tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous kinda girl, but there's just something about that Viking.

Then there's Jax Teller. UGH. A bad ass biker boy with a soft, tender heart when it comes to his girl. Man, oh man does he get me going.

My writer's blog is Whitlock's Girl and it's the permanent home for all my stories. The stories page is set up so you can easily navigate from chapter to chapter. I'm working on adding Next and Previous chapter links to each chapter so, come visit and let me know what you think.

-I use this blog to discuss all things related to my writing and the angst that I go through while writing. I've also started adding in posts concerning books that I'm currently reading and want to rec to y'all.

Although, I'm no longer an active member, I recommend that you check out TwiSlash Unveiled.

-Every week TU recommends stories from the Slash genre. Stop by and see what they have to offer.

-Every few weeks, TwiSlash Unveiled will ask for a slash author to gives us a peak into his/her reading list. These stories may or may not include Slash.

-Also, TU is now opening up discussion on the topics that are near and dear to the LBGT community with the articles in "When Fictions comes to Life." It's my fervent hope that these discussions help enlighten and educate those that need it and promote change in our society toward the LGBT community.

I've just posted my very first fanfiction story for Twilight. It's called Desperation.

-Check out the Desperation story thread at Twilighted

I just posted my very first Slash story, entitled Second Chance at Forever. It started as a one shot for the TATTward and INKella contest

-Come visit Emmett, Jasper and I on the Second Chance at Forever thread on Twilighted.

-Here's the link to Greensleeves by Andre Rieu

-There is a banner for Second Chance at Forever on my blog. It's my very first banner. I hope you like it.

I have another story in the works. It's called The Soldier's Future, but with the beginning of Second Chance at Forever it will be put on hold until Desperation has been completed.

-What fate has brought together, not even time can tear asunder.



Thank you to everyone that voted for my story.

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