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XxThe-Crest-Of-AnubisxX PM
Joined Jan '09

Hiya guys please to make an aquintance with you all

Its been a long time since I join and yet I never once put up a story or update my profile

So here I am trying to write something, I think I can start with introduced myself

My name is Marie, but you can call me by my pen name Crest or Anubis which one is fine with me.

Right now I'm on my fourth year trying to finish my study and become a Vet. Since I like animals, well baby animals to be specific. But I love dogs mostly.

I like the color blue,red and black and yet my lucky color is brown and forest green (how unlucky I am)

I like the vintage theme, that means I also love the country that becomes their logo such as London, Paris and Italy

I also love traveling and makes many memories. And since I always treasure my memory, I learn photographs to keep all of them in a picture that I can save and treasure it forever.

Well I also like to read, well mostly manga and adventure novel, so I had plenty of books in my room.

I also like to watch a movie and listening to music (well to tell you the truth, that's where I learn mostly about my English)

Hmm I think that's all from me, so ja ne :)


My Favorite pairings are:

TrainXSaya (BC)

TomoyoXEriol (CCS)

SakuraXSyaoran (CCS)

TakeruXHikari (DA)

AllenXLenalee (D'grayman)


MikanXNatsume (GA)

HarryXHermione (HP

SoraXKairi (KH)

RoxasXNamine (KH)

VentusXXion (KH)

KahokoXLen (La Corda)

ZeroXYuuki (VK)

IchiruXMaria (VK)

ShinichixRan (DC)

HeijixKazuha (DC)

SaguruxShiho (DC)

KaitoxAoko (MK)

Harry PotterxHermione Granger (HP)

Draco MalfoyxGinny Weasley (HP)

James PotterxLily Potter (HP)

Remus LupinxNymphadora Tonks (HP)

My Favorite Character:

Vanitas,Ventus,Sora,Roxas (KH) (love it when there a story about them being a double twins and they are brothers to each other)

Kairi,Xion,Namine (KH) (love it when the three of them are triplets)

Zero and Ichiru Kiryuu (VK)

Train Heartnet (BC)

Mikan Sakura,Youichi Hijirii(GA)

Kahoko Hino (LaCorda)

Tomoyo Daidouji (CCS)

Shinichi Kudo, Kaito Kuroba, Heiji Hattori, Saguru Hakuba (DC) love them when both Shin and Kai are twins

Kana Ienaga (Nuramago)

Harry Potter (HP)

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