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Hey Everyone!

About Me: You can call me Ashes, I'm 26, from Western Australia. I have been writing fanfiction since about August of 09, I love it! I am an illustrator and graphic designer.

My Stories: I mostly write Buffy and Angel fanfiction. I just have so many ideas on what i think Joss should have done with these two shows! Most of my stories are 'what if's' or re-writes of episodes and seasons where i can put my own spin on the scenes we all love (or love to hate) I do have a few more AU idea's as well, but at the moment i am just trying to focus on the fics i have up now.

Banners: Think of these as a cover for my stories, check them out! All made by me!

Fav characters: As you have probably realise from my stories my fav character in the entire Buffyverse is Angel/Angelus. The whole 'tortured hero' thing really appeals to me. He is strong, yet there is also that slightly vulnerable side to him when he is worried about those he cares about. Other fav's include Buffy, Darla, Spike, Drusilla, Anya, Faith and Cordelia. Also, even thought they were only in one episode, I just have to say that Penn and Dana are amazing! I always wished that we could have seen more of them, especially Dana. Her past was just so haunting, and sad that i really wanted Angel and Co to help her work through it.

Ships: It might come as a surprise to some of you but I'm an equal shipper of both Buffy/Angel and Darla/Angel, probably one of the few out there who appreciate both relationships for what they are. These are the two pairings that I read about the most. Buffy and Angel, are to me the ultimate couple. They are soulmates, and they always will be. Buffy will always love Angel, and Angel will always love Buffy. There is really nothing more to say about that! However, while Darla and Angel are not soulmates, I still think Angel cared for her very much. It was only Buffy, that kept him from loving her fully.

The pairings I hate are Spike/Buffy, (though i don't mind the friendship they had in season 7), Buffy/Riley( That was just so boring!), and from Angel; Cordelia/Connor (Ugh!). As for Angel/Cordelia, I don't mind that so much. I will always prefer Buffy and Darla, but the friendship Cordy and Angel had in the earlier season was so sweet, their romance over before it even began that I'm not so fussed about this pairing, and don't mind reading it if the story is interesting.

As for everyone else, I'm pretty happy with the pairings. I prefer Tara and Oz over Kennedy, Anya for Xander and Doyle for Cordelia. I think Fred and Wes are so cute together and Drusilla and Spike will always be those two crazy kids!! I'm not so much into non-cannon pairings, though i kind of have a soft spot for Connor and Dawn. I think those two would be awesome together, yes, even with Buffy and Angel together!! As for Slash, well I'm an opened minded girl and don't mind reading it occasionally. The only slash I will read is Angel and Spike, I think Season 5 has alot of slashy undertones! lol. I also love reading Angel/Buffy/Spike fics, and would love to read a well written believable Buffy/Angel/Darla fic.

I like reading all types of stories, mostly romance and action, but i don't normally care about what genre I'm reading. I like re-writes, i don't mind OC's, and i adore time travel and crossover fics. Especially between Bones and Supernatural!

Buffy and Angel Fanfiction: I am the founder/admin of this group on facebook, it's a great place to chat and discuss fanfic, writing and everything BtVS and Ats. I would love for you all to join as well. My name on facebook is Ash Knight it is not a real life account so if you would like updates to my stories, or if you just wanna chat feel free to add me.

Other Fandoms: While Buffy and Angel will always be my muse, it is not the only fandom I write for.

Supernatural: I enjoy these series well enough, the first 5 season are brilliant, and after that I find it goes downhill a bit. I don't really have any ships in this fandom, though I do enjoy Dean/Jo, i'm not obsessive about it. I enjoy writing Supernatural/BTVS crossovers with Dean/Faith pairings.

Harry Potter: I don't read much here, but I used to. HP is my first fandom. My only pairing is Draco/Hermione, though i enjoy writing short stories about random moments. Most of the idea's i get aren't particularly for a pairing. I am planning to write a Dramonie series in the future, but i'm not sure how far away that will be.

Bones: I admit, the only appeal i have with this show is DB, and pretty much reserve my love for this fandom with crossovers with BTVS.

Vampire Diaries/Originals: I've only recently gotten into this fandom, but am enjoying it immensely. Not nearly as good as BTVS, but it's got a good set of characters, and the plot is interesting.

Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega: This urban fantasy series by Patricia Briggs is amazing. At the moment i only have a collection of one-shots up, but i'm hoping to add to them, and write a longer fiction as well.

Cheers all, hope you all have a great day!

ashes at midnight

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