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May 25/11

Greetings everyone!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful writers who have posted such engaging, enthralling and exciting stories on this site. I am an avid and voracious reader of most stories related to the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood and the talent on display here is simply breathtaking.

I've been devouring these gems for years now, and have not only enjoyed them immensely, but also had tons of fun brainstorming with and beta-ing for some awesomely talented writers. Lately, MoxieMo ( has invited me to collaborate on her wonderful story, "An End Has A Start" & it's been great fun seeing positive responses to the elements I contributed. MM is a fabulous writer, and most of my contributions have been limited to brainstorming, editing, and writing a few short sections here and there. We've had such fun and productive brainstorming sessions that we've decided to co-write a sequel, which will be called "To Wish Impossible Things" and we're hoping to get it started before June 26th.

Curse of the Evil SpellCheck Demon

In the spirit of making great writing even better, here's a list of common spelling errors inserted by the Evil SpellCheck Demon. Straight from Octavia's, er, spell book is a charm to undo the curse: (now you know why I don't write fiction - so bad at making things up!!)

thrown - often done to a football or baseball
throne - Eric's chair at Fangtasia, or a royal's fancy chair for holding audiences

adieu - French for "good-bye"
ado - a fuss, "much ado about nothing"

heels - Girly girls wear 'em
heals - vamp blood does this. So do doctors, occasionally

squeal - a high pitched noise
sequel - the next installment in a series

defiantly - rebelliously: in a rebellious manner
definitely - beyond all doubt

to pour - Sookie pours lemonade for guests
to pore - Eric pores over contracts (ie, examines in detail)

bait - something stuck on a fish hook
bate - to hold back, as in "with bated breath"

wrack - dried seaweed that's been cast ashore
rack - (slang) Bosom, breasts

About reviews in general

I am always happy to give reviews or comments on stories that move me, and have also sent a number of PMs to new writers encouraging them to believe in themselves and their stories, and gladly offer ideas (if I have any) when asked. As an avid and loyal reader, I love to comment on stories. However, being begged, threatened or guilted into feeling like I must post a comment leaves an extremely negative impression.

Nor is it pleasant when, having posted or PM'd my actual thoughts about a story, the author sends back an angry or sarcastic comment on how I just don't get their character or whatever their beef happens to be. Sadly, a couple of the best and most prolific authors on this site have graced me with such comments.

Please understand that just like you, I have days when RL sucks the life out of me. Just because I haven't reviewed a particular chapter, doesn't mean I didn't like it. Quite often, I'll read a newly-discovered story straight through to the latest chapter before posting a comment.

End of rant

On another note, several authors have mentioned receiving actual death threats regarding their stories. It's shocking that anyone smart enough to use a computer would consider threats appropriate. No-one should have to endure that!

I'm so thankful to everyone who writes here - you've added so much joy to my life. Thank you again for sharing your gift!


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