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Hellllllooooo!! :) Soo.. I don't really know what to do here, but I guess I"ll just right about my interests and such


Me likey... (a random list of things I like/enjoy/obses over. Not in order, just in order they came to my mind)

1. Fall Out Boy: They are totally my favorite band! An awesome combo of randomness and beats I could sing in my sleep.

2. Patrick Stump: The vocalist of Fall Out Boy. He's adorable, hats and all! His voice is amazing!

3. Being nice(and people that can do so in return): oh come on if you don't agree you will never be my friend. EVER. And so if you hate nice,happy,quirky,random,funny people I advise you to not be my friend evereverever.

4. A good book: ...How could you not?

5. Funny people: You laugh, I laugh. We have a good time.

6. Sleep: ...

7. Motion City Soundtrack! my other favorite band! (witch is saying something, because you have to be pretty special to be tied with FOB)

8. Lead Singers. I don't know, I just always seem to fall for them first... I also have a very long list of how many of them I like. :3

9. Computers & Internet: our 3rd greatest gift...

10. A good story: Please, if you are going to even attempt to write, at least make it readable and likeable before you even think about posting it on here. Please. For Pete's sake, PLEASE.

umm... wow I can think of any more! I'll just leave it at this.

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