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Hi, I'm BetaWriter, and welcome to...HELL!! (BWAHAHAHA) No, but seriously, welcome. I'm me, and your not, even though you want to be, you can't. I like anime, manga, games(of the video variety), and fanfics. My stories will mostly include OC's, but not all(LIES!!). Anime/Manga that I like: One Piece, Death Note, Zatch Bell, Code Geass, Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, +Anima, Mirai Nikki (I blame Kaiser dude .), Soul eater, and Viewtiful Joe (YEA!!) Videogames I like: Bomberman series, BlazBlue, Legend of Zelda series, Mario series, SSB series, Ape Escape, Arcana Heart series


"If it weren't for the mamodo battle, I'd think Dr. Riddles was a Pedo." - BetaWriter

"The Colonel was in Brawl?! When?!" - BetaWriter

"YOU MUST DIE!!" - Ganon

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