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Awlright lets do this.

Yo, I'm Pyro and this is my Favourite Fic Storage Device, aka my "I'm not a writer I just want to be able to favourite things" page.

For anyone who wants to know about me, I'm 23, Scottish and rather socially anxious. I go by SleepyPyromancer on tumblr (and pretty much everywhere), my Art blog is PyroDraws (if you're interested) and by SleepyPyrotechnics on DA. Otherwise it'll be SleepyPyro. I have a Flight Rising account too, so feel free to drop me a message or friend request!

Pronouns are They/Them or He/Him owo/

Anyways! Feel free to browse my years-long collection, and be sure to review the fics you read and give back to the authors! Thanks all!

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