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To all my readers, I'm very sorry to inform you that I can no longer continue writing with my fanfictions. I had simply lost interest in continuing to write them and that I've gotten really busy and would be more busy as time goes on. As such I would like to apologize once again. I know that there would be some that would have thought of the ongoing fics I have posted would have gone to waste so I'm opening them for an adoption if anyone would be interested. Just please PM me first before anything else.

About my fanfics:

Moment of Truth (One-shot: Complete)

Summary: Dino meets a girl he never seen before in a party at the Sawada residence so he approaches her and finds out she's the older sister of a certain notorious prefect. Its a one-shot song lyric fic of Moment of Truth by FM Static. DinoXOC

My Sweet (One-shot: Complete)

Summary: Chrome was alone in Kokuyo Land and Tsuna thought of visiting her there, thinking that its best to bring her something to eat but they didn't anticipated the next events to the two of them. One-shot 2796

Famiglia (Series: Abandoned)

Summary: AR. Right after getting back from the future, all Tsuna wants was a peaceful life with his friends and family. But suddenly problem comes and the need to consider his position as heir to Vongola has risen. He couldn't help but rethink. Open for adoption.

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