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Joined Jan '09

Name: Silverstaraptor (I seem to have picked up the nickname "Silv")

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Grade: High school sophomore

Primary fandoms: ToP/ToS.

Favorite video games: Golden Sun, Sonic, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, ToP, ToS, ToA, ToD/2, ToV, ToG, ToI, LOZ.

A note to any people that for some reason are viewing this page: Whenever I post a story, I really will try to complete it. It may take a long time, but I truly try to complete any story I post. Reviews make me work faster, by motivating me to sit down and write. Constructive criticism is very welcome, as is a review that may consist of: "SIT DOWN AND WRITE, NOW!!!!!" or anything like that. Thank you to anyone reading this.

I will admit right now that there are many pairings that I ship. However, I will not bash even the crackiest pairing.

If anyone would be willing to assist me in attempting to make a complete translation of the book Katararezaru Rekishi (KataReki), then I will love you forever. I don't care how much Japanese you know (I'm only in Japanese 2), anything will help. And yes, I do have a copy of the book. Scans shall be given to all who ask for them. Current translation team: Me and my lovely, amazing Japanese teacher. (Yeah, she's freaking awesome.)

People are extremely welcome to stalk me... online. In the incredibly unlikely event that someone does, I will love them forever.

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