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About AoT/SnK:

Am I the only one who does not understand how people mistaking Armin for a girl? Seriously. If it is because he was a "doubler" for Historia, then it just stupid: he was not chosen because of his imaginary femininity, but because of his resemblance to Historia. The kidnappers would surely have a description of the girl they were looking for (albeit somewhat outdated), and wouldn't be fooled by the casual costumed whoever, simply because he/she responds to the correct name. For that matter, any guy can be dressed up as a girl (with the necessary effort, he will be a very convincing girl). Won't make him less of a guy.

Again, according to such dubious logic, Armin should be Erwin's son and related to Zeke...

About "Bleach":

Oh gee, people! Are this so hard to you to understand that Urahara hidden hogioku in Rukia's soul? And NOT in friggin gigai! And he did it when Yoruichi helped him with Tessai escape from Seiretei. I think they made a short stop in Inuzuri because of his new idea that emerged at the sight of random little girl. Definitely Urahara calculates that she will not be able to survive for long in such a place, and hogioku will be lost forever.

Otherwise Urahara from the start could put in gigai one of modified soul and just wait until he/she will become a complete human being.

Heck! If the stone was hidden in Rukia's gigai, then Aizen just stole a damn vessel from twelve divisions as soon as Rukia was extracted from it! Don't you see that, huh?

And just how long you guys are going to make of Rukia clumsy teenage-look-like girl who is going (or not) to become higher, get big boobs and totally change?

Rukia already is beautiful as she is! She is athletic, physically fully developed, proportional woman. Not teenager! Rukia just petite!

If you attentively read the manga, then you remember that Rukia met Renji when both of them were around five-six years, on human measures. As you have noticed since then Renji considerably matured. So what makes you think that Rukia didn't?

Why do all of you always forget that the petitness is not synonymous of physical immaturity? And that physical maturity is not determined by the oversized boobs. In the real world there are so many tiny female whose bodies are those of mature women. They are like a Barbie doll - all with them and where it is necessary, just kinda in scale.

And the petite women, in the majority, can successfully impersonate a teenage girls. Thank to their miniatureness (and slim, shapely and harmonic bodies, inherent to most of them), which always allows them to fit in teen clothing or hide their not teenage proportionality with little too big outfits.

Besides Rukia is not flat. The size of her breast is perfectly ideal for her build. Remember Kubo's official art of her. If you confuses that her breast isn't so visible as it would shall, remember that she is female samurai from place that aren't well familiar with modern fashion, and who borrows clothes from the wardrobe of twelve-year-old girl... Don't know where I'm going? It's simple - she uses friggin sarashi*!

So stop crippling character dammit! She doesn't need your "improvements"!

*A sarashi is a long, winding strip of cloth, usually thick cotton, wrapped tightly around the midriff and chest. Historically worn by the samurai under their kimono to resist injury, modern delinquents and Yakuza wore sarashi under their coat or unbuttoned shirt as sign of their strength; trading off of the samurai image.

For girls the sarashi may also be used as a substitute bra, wrapping and tying down the breasts to keep them secure when moving, or to simply flatten their bust to avoid attention.

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