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I've always been a big reader but I recently decided to try and write something. It is much harder than it seems; so if you are one of those impatient people who demand chapters NOW!! then seriously knock it off.

In writing my first story I learned I'm not one of those people who can write a new chapter every week and not have it all written beforehand. So each of my chapters could be considered a small story by itself with the next chapter being a sort of sequel. This means even if I don't update for more than a year what I have posted shouldn't leave you with too many questions.

I'm not writing for the reviews I'm writing to do something constructive when I need to sit down. that being said, reviews are welcome but any trolls will be exposed to sunlight, and then ignored.

So far:

If Stephanie Plum had Pokemon - Stephanie Plum / Pokemon crossover

Currently at the end of One for the Money.

A Yennork Witch - Harry Potter / Discworld - Crossover.

Posted. May continue eventually, don't really have much thought out about it except for a couple of future scenes.

Future Stories:

I currently have about 20 stories that have a couple of chapters done here and there and the rest in dot points. I will add them here when they are done.

Shame FFNet doesn't have a way to link multiple stories into a series like AOOO does.

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