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Whoo, a fanfiction account! c: -waves banner-

I've read on here since I was but a wee preteen, and now, as a grown teenager, I have finally deigned you all worthy of my awesome literature! -heroic pose- (Better known as finally summed up the courage to post something. xD)

Anyway Name's San, for anyone who cares, currently 20, and as far as I know I'm a girl (sometimes though...). I adore yaoi, so that's mainly what I write/read, and if you take a gander at the things down at the bottom of this page you will notice my gratuitous amounts of faves. I read on here a lot ;u; hehe.
I also like author-y things, such as writing, procrastinating, and getting reviews/faves/alerts c:

SO. Feed me? :D


Don't Fade Away (Memories):

Ch. 1 - Up and done!

Ch. 2 - Finished and been up for a whileee

Ch.3 -
Update 2015: THIS IS ACTUALLY BEING WRITTEN. I'm so sorry it's taken so long :c I'm just...kind of a really terrible person. If you see this and have waited, I am so, so sorry, and I really appreciate you being so fucking awesome if you read it when it's done c:

My avatar is a picture I took I think like, five years ago, heh. It's of the headlights on my marvelous motorcycle Sebastian.

I don't really post anywhere much, but here's my fictionpress, where I've got s'more stoof w kukuku. Also my livejournal :D Where I've got only the most horrendous and earliest crap ever. xD

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