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Hello Everyone!!

Just updating my profile (if anyone actually reads this thing XD)

I have been lurking on this site for a long time so I decided to make an account to review on a bunch of my favorite stories. Most recently because of my best friend Mao- neechan, amazing stories on and my amazing English teacher this year, I have really gotten into the reading mood. First and foremost though I love math but who says a person can't love math and still be good at English (this is what I told myself XD).

I really would like to write a fanfic one day. I have an idea of what I want to write but I still need to work out the plot line and I haven't really written a story before so that also I have to admit has stopped me from writing.

The types of stories I like to read are ones with good character development, good plot and of course good romance :D haha I know, but who doesn't love romance. I usually like really novel long stories, but most recently I have fallen in love with a bunch of one-shots, so lets say I like one-shots when they are written well. But the reason I like novel long stories apposed to short ones is because that one idea for a one- shot could be used to make one huge amazing story. I don't like it when I really love a one-shots that has such a great idea but stops there. I also am not very fond of stories that use the words "I Love You" too much or were unnecessary. I really like it when the two characters are able to communicate with understand and actions rather than words. I'm more fond of pairings with understanding, which leads me to my next point.

My most (and currently only) fanfics I read are Bleach and always Ichiruki (Ichigo and Rukia). I adore, and live Ichiruki. Yea, it may seem weird but I just love these two. My first and only OTP. I don't think I will ever get tired of them. Their relationship complex yet simple. Consists of understand. Ichigo and Rukia both have complex personalities but they really truly fit together. I'll really glad Kubo made Rukia the way she is, he is an amazing man that created a different, wonderful character. Out of the two I absolutely love Rukia, everything about her.

I don't really ship other pairings as much as Ichiruki but I am definitly a fan of many other animes and parings. I just don't really read fanfics about them.

I few last points about myself:

I am currently learning Japanese, and hoping to take professional classes soon.

I'm a very happy, and hyper person that is very content with my life, although living in Japan would be nice, but truthfully I don't think I will live anywhere else except for Canada. I just love Canada, it's snow, it's hockey, Tim Horton's XD hahaha yea I'm a pure Canada. (but I don't say "eh" XD hahahaha, Canadian joke?)

I am not a hater (no really, I would never read a fanfic that bashes) but I don't like Orihime Inoue from Bleach. I know a lot if Ichiruki fans that like her and hate her. My reasons simply are based on BOTH her character and her in the way of Ichiruki.

Well on that note. Thanks so much for reading my profile, hopefully I will be able to write a fanfic soon.
Ichiruki Forever!!

Recommended Fanfics
I just wanted to recommend my favorite fanfics. Almost all of my favorited fanfics are amazing but I just want to recommend a few that blew me away. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The Pirate Queen (T) by RukiLex
Death, Strawberry, and Happily Ever After (T) by Goku's Daughter
Bleach: Aftermath (T) by takaondo
Dark Djinn (M) by Liana 400
Irresistible and it's sequel Irresistible: Ghost (T) by Masumi'sSword
Phones Tie Me to You (K) by Goku's Daughter
Queen, King and the Horse (T) by Goku's Daughter
Inner Hollow (M) by Theresa Crane
Hallow Prisoner (T) by fadingstar05
Agreed To In Innocence (M) by Theresa Crane
Oh My Gigai! (M) by Uchiha Xairylle

Recommended Authors
These guys are the best of the best check out all their fanfics :D All their stories are equally amazing!!

RukiLex/ Masumi'sSword
Liana 400
Goku's Daughter
Theresa Crane
Uchiha Xairylle

If anyone would like to recommend an Ichiruki fanfic to me, PM me please. I love to read new stories :D


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