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I've been hooked on Harry Potter since first reading the books, I've read fanfiction for the last couple of year and have decided to write one of my own, I can't promise it will be any good.

While I don't mind the films there are several things within them I felt they did wrong or badly handled:

Apparating: In the movies they are almost flying instead of disappearing/reappearing in another location. Kreacher: Kreachers betrayal of Sirius and his subsequent redemption is totally missing from the movies. Final Battle: The scene just seemed like a let-down compared to the books ending in the great hall.

Pet hates in FanFiction:

Over bashing of Weasleys/Dumbeldore Lack of research: With access to the internet it is easy to research properly. The Ministry of Magic is for the UK, not just England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are part of it as well. The UK currency is GBP, we don't have sidewalks, even our foods differ from the US etc, research is easy.

Some of my favourite art by Heather Rooney, well worth a watch.

Drawing Harry Potter

Drawing Hermione Grainger

Drawing Alan Rickman/Severus Snape

I was really saddened to hear of the death of Alan Rickman from cancer, he was a wonderful actor who brought to life the character of Severus Snape like nobody else could. There have been many great British actors and actresses lost who appeared in the Harry Potter films, Richard Harris (the original Dumbledore), Roger Lloyd-Pack (Barty Crouch Senior), Dave Legeno (Fenrir Greyback) and the fantastic Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon) they are all sadly missed R.I.P.

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