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06/07/15: Hide & Seek has been pulled. It will (unfortunately) not be finished. I know... it really freaking sucks. Sometimes, when you hit a wall too hard, the words just won't come. My heart left the story long ago and after trying to get back into it, the divide has only grown more. Thank you to everyone who took a chance on it. If you want to know what hypothetically happened, I'll put it at the bottom of my profile.

Writer. Reader. I love love and I hate hate. I write what I wanna write, no matter what people may think about it. I believe people are beautiful, and life is great, even though sometimes it doesn't seem that way. I've been partaking in fanfic for over a decade and will probably continue to do so for many to come.

SPOILER ALERT: Carlisle had Bella. Jasper found her. In the present time, she never full regains her memory but they decide to try again. HEA and all that jazz.

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