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I think Edi Gathegi said it best in an interveiw I watched once. "SM just invented a new form of crack when she wrote these books and everyone's addicted" I remeber my sister in law telling me about this book one time where a girls has a vampire for a boyfriend and a werewolf for a best friend and I thought that just seems a little to far out there for my taste. About three years later I'm checking out of the grocery store line and they have a Twilght book there for five dollars and I figured why not, it's cheap if I hate I'll just add it to my collection. The next day I went and bought the other three and I've been hooked ever since. I stumble across Twilighted by mistake trying to find something to feed my addiction and then saw authors talking about fanfiction and have loved this site way better then the other.

My husband has become frustrated with my need to read but my son has seen me read so much he's taken up the habit too. His addiction just seems to be Diary of a Wimpy Kid instead.

I still love the Edward and Bella pairings but love Jasper and Carlisle just as much. I can't get into Emmett. I don't know why, I've tried but it just seems wrong for some reason. I hate Jacob and Bella pairings, can't do them at all except when she's leaving him for E, J, or C.

I would say that NM and after are my favorite stories but there are some really good alternative's out there too. I love when authors do some things totally different and don't just do the Twilight plot over and over again. It just gets so repetative.

Typos are my biggest pet peeve in a story, even though I suffer from them too especially when I use my phone to review, but it just seems to take away from the story when you're trying to figure out what the author meant when the wrong word is there or they left out something in the sentence completely.

I review every time I read just not every chapter. I usually read the stories from A-Z on my favorites list and just work my way back around. By the time I get back to some stories they've been update 2-3 times. It's probably not fair but I feel at least I am reviewing. I always try to leave a good review and nothing negative, but will do a little constructive criticism occasionally.

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