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One day... maybe... I may add a story or two, but right now... am too busy reading and being me!!

Right... details about myself... hmmm...

Female, late 20s, married, two kids (one of each), British origins living in Australia, and I work some bloody stupid hours (split shifts).

The last part there is the reason I have not posted!! I do have some ideas floating around and one day... seriously... I may just load them up!!

Thanks for bearing with me...


Update - Feb 2010...

Wow... Okay then. Finally loaded on a chapter of a twilight fic!! I figured I would go with some snarky humour as sarcastic is my middle name... that's right... I am Deex Sarcastic Pattinson (lol). Don't know whether it's any good or not, but what the hell... lets have a go anyway!!

If you can't tell by my favourites, I tend to read a lot!! Every single one of my favourites, I have read and am loving, so if you are looking for a good fic, then feel free to browse!!

I should put a disclaimer on here, just to state that I am not Stephenie Meyer, I do not pretend to be Stephenie Meyer, nor have I ever slept with Stephenie Meyer. I do however, have dreams about taking RPattz down (definately in a good way)!! Wish me luck!!

I am not a review whore... If you wanna, then go ahead, if you don't, then don't... and don't expect me to beg you!!

Rejecting Stanley - This is my first fic, so be gentle. I don't get a lot of time, but I hope to upload some chapters sometime, one day... soon??

I am also inviting ideas for Jessica getting shot down!! Feel free to give me some ideas if you wish to see them printed. Kudo's will be given to you for your dastardly plans...

Cheers me dears...


I have just been made aware of Fanfiction pulling stories from this site for being MA rated and not M rated. Apparently, the difference is between 16 year olds reading smut and 18 year olds reading smut! There is a bunch of pissy liberators out there reading fics and then reporting them for content, and therefore resulting in the pulling of the fics. Authors work hard on their works and so, if you are reading this, please click on the link and sign the petition by reviewing. A list of pulled fics is also included. If you know of any works/authors that have had work pulled, please inform the owner of the petition who will include it on the list. A sad day for authors when freedom of speech and freedom to write is dictated by ignorant people with nothing better to do!

Thank you for your support.

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