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9/2/12 - So. Guys. Wow. I'm seriously stunned & flattered by all of your support! THANK YOU for all of your votes & nominations in the Romione Awards!!

The awards I won in the 2012 Romione Awards thanks to you fan-fucking-tastic readers:

The Smuttastic Award - Permission Slip

Best Romance - Hallowed Hearts

Best Ron - The Waiting Place

Best Hermione - The Waiting Place

3rd Place Best Hermione - Hallowed Hearts (Tied for 3rd with JesWithOneEss/jesrod82's "Look at Me.")

Best AU - The Waiting Place

I would like to take a moment to thank those readers who thought enough of my fics to submit them for nomination in the first place & for all of the subsequent votes - especially in light of the whole ordeal with being reported on this site & being forced to edit or remove my fics. I’m truly flattered & a bit awestruck, as there were MANY deserving stories & authors on that nominations list; I'm friendly with several of them & know them to be fantastic, friendly, & talented people.

Also, a hearty THANK YOU to the hosts of the awards, for seeking to give recognition to authors who take time out of their busy lives to entertain readers for absolutely free. I salute you!

Lastly, congrats to the other winners - JesWithOneEss (jesrod82), TMBlue, MsBinns, & Pinky Brown - & to all the 2nd & 3rd Place winners! I'd buy all you ladies (any gentlemen among you?) a round of drinks if I could! *hugs*


My adult-rated stories at AO3:

Ron Weasley & the Penis Mightier (http:///works/542692), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, canon compliant, Post-Deathly Hallows, Oneshot.

Summary: COMPLETE! What's one thing that Ron & Hermione both love? Ron's penis, of course! Only this time, his appendage comes with a little...twist. ;)

Originally written for and posted at Romione Smut on tumblr.

Thanks to Jes for inspiration for the summary!

Anything (http:///works/534958), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, Missing Moment, Deathly Hallows timeframe, Oneshot.

"He croaks my name then, his voice a question, and I know what he’s asking: He’s seeking my permission, and it’s clear to me that he’s fearful I’ll deny him—that I’ll deny what we both want so desperately. I whisper my response, a simple 'anything,' and he wastes no time in grasping me by my hips and lifting me onto the edge of the desk..."

COMPLETE! Ron and Hermione take comfort in each other during a short reprieve from the final battle.

Was originally intended as a multi-chaptered story but am posting as a oneshot for the time being.

The Waiting Place (http:///works/479063/chapters/832123), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, AU, HBP timeframe, In-progress.

Summary: When Ron and Hermione are forced prematurely into an act of intimacy out of necessity to save her life following an accident, will they be prepared to handle the consequences? Half-Blood Prince subplot, interweaves with canon. *WINNER! Best AU, Best Ron, & Best Hermione in the 2012 Romione Awards on tumblr!*

Coming to Term (http:///works/480428/chapters/835194), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Canon-ish, Post-Deathly Hallows, Complete.

Summary: COMPLETE! Ron Weasley knew when he decided to become an Auror that it was a dangerous career choice, but he never imagined that his job would propel a serial killer to target his pregnant wife. Meanwhile, Hermione comes into contact and forms an unlikely friendship with a man widely believed to have died in the war.

Hallowed Hearts (http:///works/480373/chapters/835056), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, AU, DH timeframe, Complete.

Summary: COMPLETE! What if Ron and Hermione had given into their passion sooner rather than later, resulting in an unforeseen complication that could very well compromise the hunt for Voldemort's Horcruxes? Deathly Hallows subplot, interweaves with canon. *WINNER! Best Romance & Third Place Best Hermione in the 2012 Romione Awards on tumblr!*

Skimming Stones & Skinny-Dipping (http:///works/480331/chapters/834960), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, AU, DH timeframe, Complete.

Summary: COMPLETE! Skimming stones leads to other worthwhile activities. Inspired by the deleted Ron/Hermione "skimming stones" scene from Deathly Hallows: Part 1. *Nominated for Best Romance, Best Ron, & Best Hermione in the 2012 Romione Awards on tumblr!*

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun (http:///works/480309), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, George/Angelina, Fred/Angelina, Canon-ish, Post-Deathly Hallows, Oneshot.

Summary: COMPLETE! Fred & George test a new product with the help of Angelina Johnson. NOTE: Involves a threeway with Angelina in the middle but NO incest or slash. Written for my fanfic rec challenge winner.

Permission Slip (http:///works/480268/chapters/834836), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, Canon, Post-Deathly Hallows, In-progress.

Summary: Hermione is beginning her final year at Hogwarts while Ron is busy helping out George at the shop. Will the separation entice her to bend the rules in order to see Ron as often as she can? Being Head Girl and a war heroine certainly has its merits. Co-authored by JesWithOneEss. *WINNER! The Smuttastic Award in the 2012 Romione Awards on tumblr!*

Of Tragedy, Triumph, & Virginity (http:///works/480248), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Canon, Post-Deathly Hallows, Oneshot.

Summary: COMPLETE! Not another Romione Post-Battle first-time fic! Ron/Hermione with a heavy dose of Harry/Ginny.

Survival 101, (http:///works/480234/chapters/834733), Rated: Explicit/MA/NC-17, Ron/Hermione, Possibly AU, Missing Moment, DH timeframe, Complete.

Summary: COMPLETE! Cold, lost, and wandless following a mishap that leaves them stranded, Ron & Hermione resort to desperate measures to survive. A light, somewhat fluffy what-if scenario with minimal angst. Deathly Hallows timeframe. Originally written for & posted at Romione Smut.

UPDATE: 8/7 -

I know that this subject is quickly becoming like beating a dead horse for a lot of you, but I again wanted to thank all of you for your outrage on my behalf & for all of your comments in my reviews section, on here, on Twitter, & your PMs expressing your support of me & my fics - & for being willing to follow me to another site/sites even though it’s not as convenient as FFnet.

I know that probably sounds artificial or whatever, but I’m truly flattered & grateful - more than you could know. :)

By the way, I FINALLY finished transferring my adult-rated fics over to AO3, & here is the link to my complete works at that site: http:///users/KariAnn1222/works

If you’re not a member of AO3 & wish to keep track of my work, I would recommend that you bookmark the page. Or, of course, if you’re only interested in following TWP, you could simply bookmark that story to keep an eye on it. ;)

Once again, THANK YOU.



This is my official announcement to inform my readers that I received a notification from FFnet informing me that I have been reported for content violation and have 48 hours to edit my fics to meet their Terms of Service or my fic/fics will be deleted. (The Waiting Place was cited specifically.)

Really, it's fine, as it's their site, and they have the right to remove content that they feel to be "inappropriate" under their M rating - and I've actually sort of been expecting this since the "fic purge" a couple of months back when the site admins out-of-the-blue decided that they're going to start enforcing their own TOS.

The thing that irritates me the most is that whoever reported me undoubtedly did so out of spite, or possibly jealousy, as there are many, MANY fics still up at FFnet just as sexually graphic as mine or more so - but I've been aware for a while that my unusually high review count (as far as Romione fics go) generated in a relatively short time span might draw unwanted attention to me/my stories, and there you have it, lol.

However, I will not be complying with their request. I have instead decided to move my fics to a new permanent home and have already begun the tedious process of transferring TWP over to AO3, where explicit fics are welcome, and I hope that you will join me there & continue to follow & support TWP at its new home:


I will also be attempting to transfer over my other explicit Romione fics over the course of the next couple of days.

As always, thank you for your support. :)


Where you can stalk me (or just get status updates/teasers for all my writings & other randomness):

My tumblr: http:///

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