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November 24th, 2018

Hello! I'm glad that you're here.

My name is Rachel. I'm currently 25yrs old and in February it will mark 10 years since since I joined this site and started writing How the little things can change your Life. I know I just typed that and yet, it's still not real to me. It feels like a lifetime ago in some aspects and in others it feels like it was just a little while ago. I've learned so much about writing and improved so much since being here. I wonder where I'll be 10yrs from now.

Probably still reading fanfiction. Let's be honest.

I'm still writing. When I can. You can find me here as well: https:///users/Icefire149/works

Eventually I'll put the works from there over here. So if you're interested and seeing what more recent fandom things I've been writing then check it out.

As of now everything that is currently here on fanfiction.net that is unfinished, is to remain unfinished. I'm sorry. Truly. I would like to rewrite What I Forgot to Tell You and How the little things can change your life. I'm not sure when that will happen though. So I make no promises. It kills me to see HTLTCCYL unfinished but let's be honest. 15yr old me was way in over her head. Learning to write creatively. Trying to be like the authors and stories she adored. I still have notes in a binder and ideas in my head of where I roughly wanted to take the story. A lot of the plot points were figured out as I wrote. It's a mystery where it could have gone. I'd like to put together the rough ideas and post them. It's the only conclusion I can offer now. So look for that in the future when I find that binder. I'm still proud of that fic. It's a mess, but by writing it and posting it here for feedback taught me so much. So thank you to everyone that has read any of my work. You mean the world to me.

So what does this all mean for me, the fanfiction writer? I'm not retired from writing fanfiction. And I'm still reading and commenting so keep an eye out for me. I can be found on tumblr under this username as well. So feel free to drop by the ask box there and ask about my fanfictions, ships, or fandoms.

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