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I'm just a strange kid. Don't mind me.

I'm VERY interested in foreign languages. I pick them up fairly well. Though I wish my school taught more than French, Spanish, and German. I am currently in the middle of French II. Next year, Je prend Francais III, Francais IV. et Espagnol I. Je n'aime pas L'allemand. xD. It sounds scary, in my opinion. No offense to anyone, but I just don't like how it's yelled out! I don't mean to be racist or anything. It's funny though, cause my one friend who is OBSESSED with the German culture gets mad at me (and my mom) when I (we) say we don't like Germany very much. xD. I like it PreWWI and without the language. xD. I do really find the French, Japanese, and Chinese culture interesting though!

Plan to do -Writing-

Chapter 3 of Feel Good Drag

A Shizaya story somehow using this http:///comics/1268130/ambivalence/#cpage As I find it HILARIOUS, and it fits them well. xD.

About moi.

Name: Cassie

Middle Name: Blue

Favorite band: Currently would be Temposhark et Say Anything. :)

Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza!

(CURRENT) Favorite Song...s: Don't Mess With Me - Temposhark, Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too by Say Anything, Irresistible by Temposhark, The City is at War by Cobra Starship.

I am very indesicive.


“If you’re just a casual believer of the afterlife, don’t go around discussing it OK? It’s an insult to the afterlife. It’s an even bigger insult to people who don’t want to die, but are forced into it by their circumstances.” - Izaya (DRRR!!)

“Excellent. If you have the strength to hate, then you can live. I’m awesome. I saved your life. You have to thank me properly OK?” - Izaya (DRRR!!)

"I came when I heard you'd beaten the Elite Four." Prof. Oak (Pokemon: Fire Red)

Fun facts.

In french, the word 'Puce' means flea, but also is used amongst friends as 'my dear'.

Hitler only had 1 testical.

5% of the world electricity is used on the internet and 60% of the internet is p*rn, so that means that 3% of the worlds electricty is used for p*rn.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling, admitted that Dumbledore is gay. He was in love with a wizard named Grindelwald whom he later defeated in a duel.

A Japanese scientist created a ringtone that makes a woman’s boobs bigger.

A popular slang term in Danish for having your period is "Der er kommunister i lysthuset" or "There are communists in the funhouse."

Sarcasm can enhance your ability to solve problems

The human eye actually sees everything upside down.

A group of people related to the Swedish Pirate Party claimed this week that the state has officially sanctioned “Kopimism” as a legitimate religion, granting them the freedom to carry out their holy sacrament of copying information from the Internet.

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