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Hobbies: Shooting Range, Psychology, Reptiles (animals in general), Reading

Favorite TV Show: Dexter, Bones, Lie To Me, NCIS(older seasons), Criminal Minds, House(older seasons) Psych, Modern Family, Monk,

Occupation:Ranch Hand/ second shooter photographer/ landscaper/ Care Taker

Music: All genres

I am very busy with school, my life revolves around it. I work and go to class, that is all. After work, class and all my other responsibilities I enjoy reading. One of the things I love most is nature.

I sure hope the M.S. is worth it!!

I am a Christian. I do not believe in pushing my beliefs down anyones throat who does not choose to hear and don't believe that anyone has the right to either. Also for those out there who do, know they are doing wrong. Not everything preached is pure and without bias or opinions. For those who have been hurt from those who take their personal bias thoughts and mixed them with Christianity and hurt you with them I apologize. Also Keep in mind when people translate things, there is a difference between now and thousands of years ago (there are differences in lingo/slang every generation!!!)!!! In God's eyes a sin is a sin, it is humans who put one over another.

I am a very open person when it comes to conversation and personality. With me there is no double meaning or hidden agenda, I say it like I see it. I don't ask people to like me because honestly, I don't care what everyone else thinks of me. I stick by my standards and can come across wrong to people who think my honesty or constructive advise is mean negative when honestly I do try to help. I am not saying it like I am a saint because I am not But I am also NOT stuck up or rudely opinionated, I just prefer to be honest and trying to say things in a way that can help further someone or (break them out of delusions into the real world when needed).

I do tend to annoy some people because I am prefer more quiet settings and am not the most up to date on todays social standards. With that I mean that I don't tend to follow the crowd, so yeah with the majority of people in todays society being sheep I tend to rub people the wrong way. Have you seen how people change with just the *words of wisdom* of movie start or teen idols?

Stories. I will read any kind of genre honestly or pairings I am not against yaoi yuri or heto stories, will read any of them; if I enjoy the plot and the story has good character progression with a good plot, I will read it. I do tend to stick to stories that I know the plot of already so I am not lost, but who doesn't. I personally love stories where the characters are at least grey(or dark), when I say grey It doesn't necessarily mean dark, just not goody two shoes, naive light characters who can overcome everything with a smile on their face and don't think. Ones like most anime portray. This is a reason why I LOVE fanfiction, In my opinion, most of the stories on here take an AMAZING plot from the original creators and are bettered by the fanficiton authors. I don't mind light stories as long as the character is not just a follower and has his own thoughts and desires where is mentality is not a sheep.

Thinks I HATE in Stories (but more IMPORTANTLY IN REAL LIFE)

Infidelity to the main character(s) and rape. If it is in the past, I can understand that it is to build the character, though it does become sort of a problem when its graphic or flashed back in depth. One think I hate is to see when someone builds a character and then they get raped or cheated* on by another greatly portrayed character*. For me personally it ruins the story because 1 when it is infidelity to me it makes the character ruined, unless they are killed, and for rape it brings me down honestly and makes reading it harder because the amount of angst and pain the character goes through. Psychologically and spiritually it can destroy someone and I am not a fan of reading it more than I have to. 2 it can ruin a story because the affects it has on the character and the reader who gets really involved into the plot with the characters(which happens when you have exceptional writers). This is why I thank people who do write give trigger warnings so it allows others to skip or choose no to read that story. I also HATE in movies, stories or tv shows when a character gets strong and powerful then BAM they loose everything and have to start over (unless it time travel and they keep their knowledge). Last I am NOT the biggest fan of goody two shoes characters who are completely Naive.


As a sign of respect for authors I have started to review each chapter. This means that I review each chapter without skipping ahead, I may make a comment about things in the story that don't flow right, contradictions that confuse me, or ask things that will be explained later on. The reason for me doing this is out of respect for your hard work. I treat each chapter like there is not another so that I can show appreciation for you efforts/progression(in both the story and the style of the writing) and not SKIP to the end and just leave a review on the last chapter. I know sometimes this aggravates some because they answer a question that I may ask later or the fix the problems. I still like to review as a way of saying thank you for your hard work and effort, but most importantly, thank you for sharing your stories with us/me. If I leave a review, I DON'T flame, I am just giving constructive criticism and appreciation for the hard work of the authors. If at any point I upset you, please just ask me to cease giving advice and I will just compliment. Some people have thanked me for the advice, some asked me to help edit, while others have gotten honestly pissed at me for not just saying its great. Like I said, I do not mean to come across as confrontational or flaming, I doe try to help the author catch things they may have missed and/or not come across as intended(which as a individual I can tell you it happens to everyone. No one person can catch every thing and when you stare at a document or write something over a prolonged period of time it is not the easiest to keep every thing on track and things CAN get jumbled up). I have gone though editing(not grammar) some of the books for a friend of mine that he was writing,3 in the series, and he went through 100 pages where he forgot to Describe half of the individuals besides species race and names. He knew the story in his head and everything was detailed and playing through his mind where he knew everything about them and did not even know he didn't describe what they looked like!! It happens to everyone!


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