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Joined Feb '09

Name: The Draftsman (Only name I could think that wouldn't make me sound like a complete idiot).

Age: I was born in last quarter of year 1991, do the math (please, I'm too tired).

Me: I'm just somebody, a man, I think. I also have roughly 28 hour day rythm.

I have about 2-3 cubic meters of books/comics and notebooks/drawing paper in my room. And for the record: I have everything in my bookshelves: from paper to food and three years old receipts.



Drawing (been getting better at it too)

Writing (I start a story - write 600 words - New story), though I have been geting better, I think, maybe?

Strong tea

Dislikes:Sleeping (takes too much damn time), Coffee,

Favorite Drink: Coca-Cola (on average I drink 5 liters per week so I had to change to Sugar free Zero)

Favorite Games: Deus Ex, Battlefield, Mass effect, Fallout.

Favourite Books: Artemis Fowl, Harry potter, Science fiction and fantasy, right now Scifi is preferable

Favorite movies/TV-series/animations: RWBY, Firefly, Battlestar galactica,

Other stuff:

I probably should write something meaningful here, but I just can't think of anything. Therefore I'm just writing something or other to fill this dreadfully lonely space of whiteness.

Maybe I could write an amusing limerick, or a witty puzzle, but why bother when nobody even reads this page. People just see that white and blue flag next to my name and think: where is this poor bastard from? never mind, lets just skip this page.

Sometimes I wonder why I read so much... Could I be going trough some escape-the-reality phase? if so I've been going trough it quite a few years then- Great... Now I sound like a damn whiner with a bad Grammar.

Sorry people, I'll probably rewrite this whole mess after my sanity returns from it's trip to South-pole, unless it got kidnapped by penguin on the way back, or was it still going there? I can never tell the difference...

Stories: I have some beginnings of Mass Effect, Harry Potter, and Naruto stories written but nothing that could be posted.

Stories I like to read: Stories where author successfully integrates changes to the story.
Changes: main character personality/gender/skills, Story setting/timeline/theme. I also like descriptive writing that gives me enough stuff to see what the write saw.

The manga One Punch describes very well the stuff I like to read and write: Strong character and their interaction with rest of the world.

Stories I don't like to read:

Few examples

Harry potter: Harry goes to the gringots. Friendly goblins make make a blood test (free of charge) that says that Harry is the heir of a, b, c,
x, and y, and that he inherits a vault full of gold, items, etc from each and is a progidy in Z subject (charms, DADA [how does that even work?,
transiguration, animagus, magical language). All this from a single blood test?

Naruto: Hello Naruto, here is a scroll from your parents X and Y, it contains letters from them and pile of techniques and items. Skills that
require several years of training learnt instinctively within few days without Shadow clones. Use of japanese in the middle of english text
(familial titles, thank you, goodbye, etc) even worse when technique name chages language in the middle (Shadow clone no jutsu). Worst of all is
when Naruto spends several year before the story on a training trip and is said to be really strong, only to perform even worse than his canon
version when it counts.

Mass effect: Female shepard that is first described as a baddass but then acts: no confidence out of battle, self-doubts that require romantic
partner from the crew, emotional traumas that require love interest to snap out off (IN THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE). HIGHLY TRAINED SPECIAL FORCES
DOCKWORKER, then loses temper in the midlle of a council session (though this did happen in the game). And whats with so many of FemSheps being
biotics with self-control problems? I mean we're talking about a special forces soldier with over a decade of experience. Isn't ten years enough to learn self control and all that stuff?

Grammar: It's really painfull to see when someone can't even get character names right. PLEASE READ THE SOURCE MATERIAL.There's only so much one can thinks as a typo before considering that author has little knowledge of source.

overall: Fan fiction follows Sturgeon's law quite reliquously, yet when you find that diamond hidden in the sand, what you find is AWESOME.

Pictures: I have a Deviantart account: tousai.deviantart .com

-Right now I have a picture of Love-Doll posted and can post picture of the Shanghai Engineer if anyone want's it.

-The Draftsman

Ps. Please don't kill me if I dissed you or your stories... [Window breaks]

Pps. I'm outta here. [Glass hits a wall, followed by gunfire]

Ppps. I wonder what Limbo is like... [Arrives at the gates of hell]

Pppps. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu- [Skullf*ed by the devil]

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