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well. it's been many a year since we first wrote a profile here on fanfiction... and, wow. the original has been left below for posterity's sake, but it's far past time for a more adult update. hi, anyone checking this out! this account is still active, and still used by both ella and genevieve. we are no longer quite so insane, or at least, that's what we like to tell ourselves. our stories have been removed because they were amateurish at best, and that's being extremely kind. we are not planning anything new at the moment, but we remain active readers and reviewers. in fact, let us know if you're in search of a beta! our reviews may not be our best resume when it comes to writing ability, but one of us is in school to become a journalist, and the other an editor. we know our stuff!

the fandoms/pairings we love: AtlA:zutara; PJ:percabeth; OOaT:CaptainSwan; P&P:liz and darcy (obviously); HP:H/G, L/J, stories with sirius in them;
[okay fine we admit it we still read twilight fanfiction - B/J, other B/J, B/Rosalie, B/Em, pack stories]

in the end we care more about how well written a story is more than who it's about or who it's shipping, so we read flexibly.

don't judge anything by our favorites list- its rather out of date, and doesn't include practically any of our favorites. we'll get around to fixing it up eventually. probably. (maybe.)

hope you're enjoying this corner of the internet as much as we are! happy reading, and much love xx


original profile, 06-21-2009:

hi! my name is genna depending on my mood i might say genne or jenny, or gen! short for genevieve dont. say. anything. i have beat people up for making fun of me, if you do i hunt you down. i really am a crazy kind of person, so please feel free to call me that! :) y'kno what? lets get some things straight before you come any further. you need time and chance to turn back while you still can (muahaha!)

1) i am cRaZy!

2) i am very, very, random

3) i sorta share this account with my friend ella (hi people!) but we're very alike so this sorta applies to both of us. mostly it will be me (genna) doing the writing and updating shmuck. ella's a lazy bum (hey, i resent that!)

i really love fanfiction. it is a wonderful thing. what with waiting for books, schoolwork, arguments with my friends, my parents, and the world, and also the fact that i cant sleep... yeah, fanfiction's been there for me. let me tell you a little about myself (and me)... IN LIST FORM!! (yay lists? any1?)

favorite color ~ cOlOr! but especially bleaus (same, we like greens and yellows too... erm, moving on)

favorite day of the week ~ i don't know why, but wednesdays have always appealed to me. and saturday, duh!

favorite activity ~ sleeping, reading, drawing and other art forms, lying in bed staring at the ceiling...

favorite fictional male ~ TEAM JACE 4EVA! anyone who has not read the mortal instruments trilogy must do so IMMEDIATELY, or be slain by my evil minions! ~~evil cackle~~

ahem, on with the list

favorite person ~ uh, definitely not luke or kayla. IF YOU TWO EVIL MUSHROOMS READ THIS, JUST KNOW THAT I HATE YOUR GUTS AND AM OUT TO GET YOU!! YOU SHALL PAY FOR BREAKING HER HEART, LUKE, AND KAYLA, YOU ARE A RACIST ! AND I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. aww, thanks gen! you're the best. she's my favorite person!

remember folks, we've established this. yes i am crazy, no i do not need medication and no i am not a hazard to the people around me. onwards

favorite books ~ seriously, i dont even know why i'm putting this on here. if its readable i luv it

favorite emoticons ~ huzzah for my minions, evil and otherwise! (there were more, but for some reason they dont work) :) :D x-( :'( O.o V.v.V :(:) .

okay, i am sick and tired of me and my favorites, and i'm sure you are too, if you even bothered to read this far! so... moving on

other things that we feel like telling you that you have absolutely no need or want to be interested in but we feel like telling you anyways:

OOH! we JUST published a new story on FICTIONPRESS! i THINK this will let me post a link... but if it doesn't, the story is called Flames Burn On and our account is girl by the sea. its sort of a... well, how about you read the sampler and tell us what you think so far. either account. doesnt matter. just READ! thaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuu! anyways, link:


yaie. read!

i hope y'all will bother to come back and visit moi's... maybe not so wonderful profile again!

xoxo, evry1!


and just a little bit of ella :)

(hey! i resent that!)

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