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sdfdsfsfd The combination of pain and untreated ADHD made it impossible to get anything done. I am stubbornly plowing ahead. Yeah, I know. Trying to do Jack and Jill as a NANOWRIMO project. I'm also going to have to reboot Leiko's story to accommodate some timeline changes, not that it matters since I RPed her more than I wrote about her. I have plans to actually bring that to something of an ending this time.

My life's been a bit hectic so my writing's kind of a mess I'll probably post some things here again, but I'd rather not post incomplete works right now. I'm largely just bouncing around Tumblr. You can find me heeeere. This is my fanfic tag.

I'm working on some weird side story crap that is indexed here for the time being because it's gonna be rough until I do more work on the main story.


I feel like taking this time to address my long-dormant fics:

Samurai Jack fics:

-“Jack and Jill”: Will be rebooting this one. Yeah, I know it's not brilliant, but...well, trying to make it decent is kind of a challenge. Currently, the reboot is on hold while I do some random backstory stuff for Jill's parents that I may or may not post here in the long run. It's rough and given it's an exercise to some extent, it might stay that way. I might polish it eventually, but I'd rather the actual fanfic rewrite get most of my effort for now. If you're curious, the backstory stuff is here and updates at random.

-“Jack and the Bard”: I'll likely be deleting this as I am in the process of making this an original story.

-“Leiko: Tales of a Bounty Hunter”: Leiko's ramblings will probably return because she fascinates me.

Ed, Edd, N Eddy Fics

-“Wood You Be Mine?”: This one will definitely be back. It's just more difficult to write than it looks.

As far as other stories are concerned. Uh...we'll see.

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