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Mmm, welcome. I suppose I should write some banter here for you all to see I'm not some nameless mook sheltering in an unknown corner of the internet. I'm Schemilix, of course, though you may call me Schem (I encourage you to). I hail from England, judging by my most peculiar and archaic way of speaking, and my odd habit of spelling colour with a u. I'm a student of biology, chemistry and English Literature, intending to take some form of biological science or other at University (currently hoping towards Bath).

As of that which may be personally interesting to you, my visitors: I am a fan of several games, including FFXII, FFIX, most SMT games and Drakengard. There are others, mind you, so never fear. Should you be so kind and honourable as to give me a review, I'm incredibly likely to click on the name of my benefactor to see what they're hawking, so bear that in mind.

Pairings: Bassler, Balthier/Basch, Bal/Fran, Basch/Ashe, Caim/Inuart, and Kuja/his ego. Among others - tempt me.

Have a good day, my most illustrious visitor.

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