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Joined Feb '09, Mexico

hi there! i'm fridix95 and as you can see, I change my image,(yes, I like to change my images, so get used to it!!) my friend Tunna10 from DA did it to me as a contest prize!! cool dont you think?

well, know I'm really really lazy and I'm get back to school (noooooooooooooooooo!!), that means I have homework so I cannot do your OCs, sorry guys, no more requests for a while T_T


first, you most know that i'm mexican, so if my english is not good or if i have mistakes please be patient with me and (if you want) tell me my errors

BTW I'M REALLY HURTED NOW!! SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ME MAD PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THAT I SUCK!! OK?! (and you DOESNT want to know me REALLY mad!! I can be a real bad-a!!)

now, i'm going to introduce myself:

i like cartoons

i enjoy watching horror and comedy movies

i'm sadistic =)

i hate math, cience and history

I love draw

my birthday is march 18

i have an annoying younger brother

sometimes i get depressed (my history is too long for write it here)

my favorite color is blue

i like ALL type of sports

i hate wearing skirts ¬ ¬

i love music

I'm a good friend but a really bad enemy

my favorites bands and singers: Mecano, paramore, fall out boy, pink, la oreja de Van Gogh, green day, simple plan, Vicente Fernández (what?), rihanna, la quinta estación, Katy Perry, miley cyrus, gorillaz, Eminem, smashmouth, fly leaf, they might be giants, Molotov, el tri, Daddy-Yankee and porta! (i know, it's a looooong list)

my favorites TV shows are: happy tree friends, power puff girls, el tigre, spongebob, fairly odd parents, huevo cartoon (they're mexican), the simpsons, Malcolm in the middle, Drake & Josh, iCarly and Grey's anatomy (another long list)

my favorites movies are: the simpsons movie, una pelicula de huevos, otra pelicula de huevos y un pollo, the ring, all the ones that Pixar and Disney do (example: wall-e, toy story 1 and 2, etc.), Hallowen, shrek 1, 2 and 3, alien, bambi ('snif', that one makes me cry ='( but I still like it), the beauty and the beast, snowwhite, el agente 00-p2, click, the day after tomorrow, saw 3 and the happening

my favorite Happy Tree Friends character (in order):

1.- Flippy (he's just great)

2.-Handy (I love his frustated look)

3.- Flaky (cute and shy)

4.-Russel (ya-har!!)

5.- Splendid (he only wants to help!!)

6.- Petunia (the only thing that I don't like from her is that she's TOO CLEAN!!)

7, 8.- Shifty & Lifty (they are funny)

9.- Nutty (I love his laugh)

And I'm not going to put all the charactes!! they're too many!

My favorite HTF pairings:

1.- Petunia and Handy!! (they're cute together)

2.- Flaky and Flippy (one is afraid of the problems and the other produce the problems, so they're one to eachother)

3.- Eloise and Russel (Eloise is my OC, and I hope she don't kill me when she read this)

4.- Giggles and Cuddles (you have never watched the Fall Out Boy video where they appear?? well, you should)

5.- Kyra and Flippy (Kyra is AdoresAnime's OC)

6.- Nanette and Meth (METHEREAPER's OCs)

7.- Hallow and Handy (Hallow is Flipped out soldier's OC)

8.- Shuger and Cuddles (Shuger is Ferretsrules700's OC)

stupid things that you can recieve in a mail:

I get drunk to forget you... now I see you twice!!

say no to drugs, there's a few and we're too much

one day I was in my bed watching the stars when I asked myself "WHERE THE HELL IS THE ROOF!?"

I'll write something profound: subsoil

If you are a (a) youth between 16 and 18 years...then you have 17

Below drugs!...Sincerely: The Basement

thank God I'm atheist!!

I try to suicide, I almost killed myself

If the mountain comes to you...run because it is a collapse

I can't stand people who never gives the face (anonymous)

Two things I hate: racism and the black man round the corner from here

When the river sounds...a orchestra drowned

A person is hit every 5 minutes...HOW DOES THAT PERSON DO FOR HOLD THAT MUCH!?

Before dying...I prefer death

There are 2 words that will open many doors...pull and push

Who laughs at last...thinks slowest

Before, I was undecided...Now I don't know

Of every 10 people who watch TV...5 are the half

Work had never killed anyone, but...Why risk it?

I told you 100 billion times that I am not an exaggeration!

In case of fire follow the arrow - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I said in case of fire!!

hahahahahahaha!! is too stupid that is great!!

bye bye


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