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I came across fanfiction a few months ago and have been hooked.

I may start writing once my exams are done.

I read a lot. whether it's online or a book, I'm reading in 70 of my free time. Music is also a passion, i love singing along and i wish i had the patience to learn to play something. I enjoy the sun more than i realise.

Twilight addict: when i first discovered the books i spent 1 week staying up till 4 in the morning reading all 4 books and then midnight sun, i then spent another solid week obsessing about it online.

A Few Pointless Thing.

My middle name is the name of one of my exes.

I love the view from my bedroom window.

Red peppers are pure yumminess

I read a lot.

I'm into all kinds of music.

I love my bed.

I like being awake at 4 in the morning and not feeling tired.

I like the smell of foods better than the taste

I lose keys. all the time.

Performing makes me feel amazing but i always get nervous after I've done it

I can't sleep with someone else in my bed

half my walls have no paint or wallpaper. just bare plaster ¬_¬'

i have posters on my wall, a Paramore poster i got the second time i went to see them and a lot of Twilight posters because I'm addicted, and i am passing on the bug, I also have a whole bunch of photos, including ones of me with the guys from You Me At Six
my room gets real messy real quick.

I'm probably too emotional. but I'm good at hiding it.

I never read anything romantic until twilight (well apart from the teengirl books where they get a crush, but that doesn't count)

I'm very easily distracted.

i analyse people too much

i want to become a medical psychologist or an actress.

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