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Hey, everyone! My name is Heather Fuller and I'm 15 years old as of last November. I have a really bad habit of getting really obsessed with stories and characters and such, one of the main reasons I use fanfiction.net. One of the main reasons, too, is that one of my biggest infatuations with a story is "The Phantom of the Opera" and like any other real phantom fan, I choose Erik over Raoul. Unless its the original literature piece... because while I still feel for Erik, he is actually a genuine psychopath in that one. I'm big into music (mostly I sing) and I also have a few other random obsessions. I have this thing for soul eater, mermaids, and other things like that.

Obviously, since I'm fifteen, i have a long way to go with my writing, and I would really appreciate any feedback that is given. It also makes updating stories kind of impossible sometimes, between homework, dance, and teachers that are vaguely reminiscent of slave drivers, I don't usually have a lot of free time on my hands. and that which I do have is dedicated to my best friend Alex or some of my other friends who are nearly as awesome. Feel free to send angry update now PM's though. I tend to work better under pressure.

Anywho, I'm also contemplating starting a couple of new stories... one for Phantom (I have a few half-formed ideas floating around) and one for soul eater, which I have a basic skeleton of an idea of. If you have any ideas, opinions, or suggestions, let me know!!

My dream is to publish a novel before I turn twenty. knowing that probably at least half of you that read this thing are way older and more experienced, I know it sounds pretty impossible... but then, summers are always full of unlimited promises that either shatter you or leave you absolutely enchanted. I guess I'm just a bit too much of a dreamer...

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