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Cryptic Saiyan PM
Joined Feb '09

Name: Cryptic Saiyan

Born in Highland Park TX

Living in Bella Vista Ar

Grad from Highland Park Highschool (university park Tx) and Bentonville Highschool Bentonville Ar, NWACC

Age: 24

Music: All rock except super heavy metal and Scr-emo, my playlist: greenday, linkin park, three days grace, ozzy, boston, avenged sevenfold, disturbed, Five Finger Deathpunch

Race: don't see how it matters but i am white

occupation: retail

hobbies: ps3, reading ffnet, gym

I usually just read fanfiction, but am trying to get back into writing it. Son of the Kyuubi is dead, i wrote it in highschool when i was on the Female Kyuubi bandwagon. If you want it, take it.

Currently working on:

A Second Chance on the Wings of Fate (DBZxSekirei) coming soon.


Future Gohan met his end at the hands of the androids, or does he? Thanks to Shenron and the other Z-fighters in Other World, Gohan is sent to another dimension where he may grow stronger and return to face the androids. Now all he needs to do is find a place to live and are those boobs? Sekirei Harem

Reading Profile: warning i get ranty


Naruto and Naruto xovers Dbz and Dbz xovers Marvel/dc and xovers HP and xovers Harem manga (rosariovampire, sekirei etc) Bleach when i can find fics that match the fandom. Seriously what is up with all of the Slash, HS, and out of universe fics? Bleach is about Ichigo and his mis/adventures with the Gotei 13, not some jackoff with the same name dealing with everyday shit.

Fanfiction Turnoffs:

Things i won't read: Highschool fics with naruto characters. the only connection highschool fics have to the naruto world are the characters and that just ruins it for me. If they don't have chakra, if there is no bijuu or akatsuki, then it is just highschool drama and i already had my four years of it thankyou very much.

Yaoi. i have no problem with homosexuals, i have gay friends and i love them platonically. i just prefer to not think about their bedroom activities. plus slash pairings have no appeal to me

Fanfiction I enjoy

Things i will read: AU. i will read alternate universes as long as they contain chakra or some other energy source. what is naruto without his chakra, or conflict that doesn't belong in a highschool or the work place?

crossovers, when they are done right they are pure awesomeness

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