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I am die hard fan that keeps my sanity reading fan fiction. NW NJ US is my home. Love the True Blood and Twilight Universe. I will read most genres of books, but love vampires (except the Cullen's). I've not had the urge to write any fanfics of my own since the stories and authors here are incredible and I would not be able to do any story justice. I also have no time to write as well as read. I try to review all the stories I read to give encouragement in a constructive way.

i absolutely love imprint stories with Paul/Bella - Seth/Bella - Sam/Bella - Jared/Bella - Embry/Bella - Quil/Bella.

I have my favorite authors that not only write incredible stories, but actually answer a PM and don't just ignore them.

Enjoy a writer making a character into something they are not.

My favorite know who they are. There are some really creative, talented, awesome, dynamic, phenomenal...need I go on(?) authors out there.

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