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Hmmm, what should I reveal?? Well, I've read fanfiction for a while now, but a different genre, betaed a few and again found another way to pass time after midnight.

An older female, heterosexual, that should probably know better.

Yes, I'm Canadian, somewhere in Ontario; previously married/divorced and am now in a great relationship; have one daughter that can sing like a nightingale!

Love gardening, movies, reading, music, sports, when i can. Retired and getting older but still young at heart.

I'm always looking to learn more, am curious about all sorts of things, love to listen to other people talk, as long as there's some intelligence there.

Got a few College certificates with pretty good grades, worked in a municipal environment (you'll never guess so don't try) am patient, nurturing (what mother isn't) caring, etc...

Also like to be with my guy and partying at the cottage.

Quite an eclectic profile. It might change from time to time.

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