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I am proudly Canadian! And, as you can tell from my name, I am a crazy rugby player!

I was a huge Criminal Minds fan but that is coming to an end so have jumped on the new Magnum P.I. bandwagon.

I am a horrible wirter (as my English prof can attest to). The only way I made it through that class was by writing a paper completely smashed and having it be worth 80% of my mark (kind makes me realize why all the great writers were raging alcoholics though!!) I can, however, enjoy a well written fan fic! If I like your story I will try to comment. If I don't like it, or have trouble with the grammar or writing style, I will choose to not comment because frankly, if I don't have nothing nice to say I don't have the right to rain on your parade! I commend everyone who has the courage to post their written work. I've read some less than nice reviews on other people's work and just don't understand why people would want to hurt someone else like that, especially with the anonymous reviews. That is just, quite plainly, chickenshit!

So continue to entertain me with your great stories:)

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