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these are all the things that i did/do

if you ever started to sing the lyrics to a song, and then stopped to realize that the lyrics never started - copy and paste (this happens to me a lot actually -_-)

if you ever pulled a door that said push - copy and paste

when you watch t.v. you have to criticize everything out loud of what you think is stupid - copy and paste

if you can spend a whole week reading or writing non-stop about fanfiction - copy and paste

even tho they tell you DO NOT ITCH IT...you still itch it - copy and paste

if you ever started reading a story that was so horribly written that you had nothing good to say about, and yet you read it till the end - copy and paste

if you ever woke up thinking it was monday (or any other day) and realized at the end of the day, it wasnt - copy and paste

my thoughts/quotes

whats the use of alarm clocks when their made with a snooze button

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