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Of old there was Sauron the Maia whom the Sindar in Beleriand named Gorthaur. In the beginning of Arda, Melkor seduced him to his allegience and he became the greatest and most trusted of the servants of the Enemy, and the most perilous, for he could assume many forms and for long if he willed he could still appear both noble and beautiful, so as to deceive all but the most wary. - from The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien

I am a 30-year-old writer who is currently revising an original fiction novel, The Griffin of Erestir, as I write the sequel, The Basilisk of Naviron. I have been writing fanfiction on my own since I was nine, but then I found this wonderful website and I love it.

I was homeschooled through all 12 grades and now have a Bachelor's in Creative Writing and Medieval & Renaissance Studies and a Master's in Library and Information Science. I currently work full-time as the Children's Librarian in a five-branch library system.

I am also a Christian, which I demonstrate in my stories by keeping them free of bad language, graphic violence, mature scenes, and slash.

I am an enthusiastic Sauron fangirl (yes, I know I'm weird). My profile picture is me, dressed up in my Sauron costume, complete with the cardboard helmet I made. I think Sauron is one of Tolkien's deepest and most fascinating characters, as well as a very tragic character. I do not see him as "the evil shadow" type of character that the movies portray him as, but as a fully-faceted character who has a great deal of depth. I also believe Tolkien left the story open to possible redemption for Sauron, which intrigues me even more. And additionally, he's a skilled craftsman, can shape-shift, can sing, can speak eloquently, is a darn good actor, and is smoking hot to boot - what more can I ask of a fictional crush? ;P

My favorite fandoms:

The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and The Hobbit (anything by Tolkien, really)
The Redwall Series (my favorites of which are Redwall, Mossflower, Martin the Warrior, Pearls of Lutra, and Triss)
The Inheritance Cycle
The Inkworld trilogy
Runemarks series
Dark Lord series
The Prose/Poetic Eddas
Marvel's Thor movies
The Chronicles of Narnia
Strange Magic
Star Trek: The Next Generation

My favorite characters:

Sauron!!! (LOTR and Silmarillion)
Dustfinger (Inkworld)
Loki (Norse mythology/Runemarks/Thor)
The Bog King (Strange Magic)
Lieutenant Commander Data (Star Trek)
Gonff (Redwall)
Durza (Inheritance)
Dirk Lloyd (Dark Lord)
Cluny the Scourge (Redwall)
Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)
Zane Cobrianna (Hawksong)
Walter Strickler/Stricklander (Trollhunters)
Halt (Ranger's Apprentice)
Faramir (LOTR)
Merry and Pippin (LOTR)
Eustace Scrubb (Narnia)
Murtagh (Inheritance)

My OTPs:

Sunsmith (Arien/Sauron)
FireSwift (Dustfinger/Resa)
Logyn (Loki/Sigyn)
ButterflyBog (Marianne/Bog King)
Stricklake (Walter Strickler/Barbara Lake)

Notes on my reviews:

- I will not flame your work. Ever. It is utterly rude, helps no one improve, and only creates fights and bitter feelings.

- I will not simply say "I like it" or "I dislike it". If I like it, I'll tell you specifically what I liked. If I didn't like it, I will not flame, but will offer suggestions on improvement a.k.a. constructive criticism. Most often, however, I will offer a combination of praise and respectful constructive criticism.

- I know there are Beta readers for grammatical work. Therefore, I tend not to comment on grammar unless something really stands out or unless I am specifically asked. Instead I tend to focus on style, characterization, story structure, etc.

- I do not read or review slash, gender-bending, or M-rated stories. Period. I also avoid T-rated stories with mature scenes and/or lots of bad language.

If you review one of my stories:

- Please, if you see a mistake in my work, let me know. It bugs me no end to read stories riddled with mistakes, and I want my stories to be as error-free and enjoyable to read as possible.

- Constructive criticism is welcome, but please don't just insult my work. If you genuinely feel that there is something I can improve, please let me know in a polite, thoughtful, and respectful manner and I will more than likely take your advice into consideration. I neither respond to nor acknowledge flames or rude constructive criticism. Also, if you have a problem with my ideology, you will be best served by giving my stories a pass, as I will not change my moral standards regardless of what reviews I receive.

- Feel free to PM me if you have a question/comment on one of my reviews/stories or if you'd just like to chat. Really, I mean it. I take it seriously when other people have this posted on their profiles and I'd be glad to talk.

Notes on my stories:

-"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Philippians 4:8 NIV Bible

There you have my standards for writing. If Jesus were to read my works, I would want Him to approve of them: that's how I write. That means you will find absolutely no slash in my stories. Nor do I write M-rated stories. You will find no profane or vulgar language in my work either; occasionally, I will use a mild euphemism if I feel the situation and the character call for it, and one of the characters in my story "The Fellowship of the Pen" uses Ardaisms (replacing English swearing with the Middle-earth equivalent e.g. What the Udun! Go to the Void! etc.) but that is as far as I will ever go. I also don't write graphic violence. I write battles and fights, and some of my stories contain torture, but they aren't gruesomely descriptive. If I rate a story T, it's usually for the idea of something bad happening (thematic), not because I've described the event in bloody, gory detail. If I do include details that I consider more graphic in nature, I try to post warnings on those chapters/stories and my use of the details always has some distinct purpose within the story, not because I want shock value. I also do not write sex scenes, graphic or otherwise. Most of my stories that contain any romance have no more than kissing (mostly involving my dear Dustfinger). Although I have not reached the point in the story where any romance is involved, my story "Gorthauro Estel" will involve more T-rated material of this nature (most of it thematic) but it will be handled in a way that I consider as adhering to the above stated Bible standards.

This does not mean that everything is sunlight and roses in my stories. Like my favorite author and fellow Christian, Tolkien, I dive into some very dark material and I write bad guys like I mean it, but I write clear morals. If something that I, and God, would consider evil and sinful is happening, I show it as bad. I do write villains as complex characters who make their choices for reasons, but I do not glorify their evil actions (even Sauron's) or try to make excuses for them. I recognize evil for what it is, and good for what it is, even when good and evil exist in a single character.

- And on that note, I love telling stories/writing poetry from villains' POVs. In particular, I like the idea of Fall/Redemption stories, so I like to explore the possibility of redemption for my favorite villains, especially Sauron. I don't condone their evil actions, but I like to see hope for all of them and I find that villains are some of the most complex characters (Loki, anyone?)

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and I look forward to seeing the creative works of everyone else on this website.

Hannon le, mellyn!

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