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I'm a high school teacher who should know better!

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*I am not allowing any translations of any of my works. Thank you for your understanding.*


As some of you may or may not know, I am publishing A Pound of Flesh June 2015. It's been an amazing journey, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, due to reasons out of my control, I have had to delete all of my fics from here. They will not be available anywhere else. It was a heartbreaking but necessary decision, and I hope you understand.

Thanks again. It's been a pleasure xxxx

A Pound of Flesh

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Thread for A Pound of Flesh http:///forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=9679&p=998085#p998085

A Pound of Flesh won:-

'Best Written FF of the Year so Far' at the Twilight All Human Awards. Sept '10.

'Most Original Story' at The Hidden Star Awards. Sept '10.

'Best Lemon' at The Sparkleteer Awards. Dec '10

'Best Plot' at The Sparkleteer Awards. Dec '10

'Most Seductive Tease' at The Sparkleteer Awards. Dec '10.

'Best Worth the Wait Lemon' at The Golden Lemon Awards. Feb '11.

'Most re-read Lemon' at The Golden Lemon Awards. Feb '11.

'Best Make-Out' at The Golden Lemon Awards. Feb '11.

'Best All Human' at The Faithful Shipper Awards. April '11.

'Vesatility Award' at The Faithful Shipper Awards. April '11.

'Hall of Fame Award' at The Avant Garde Awards. July '11.

Thank you so much to all who voted.

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Peaches' dress from the club Chapter 22:- http:///wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Ellie_backless_back.jpg

Peaches' Halloween costume. Aye Carumba! Chapter 29:- https:////merchantmanager/images/uploads/dirty_1.JPG

Cullen's beach house. Chapter 32:- http:///Listings/17409.htm

Help Wanted

Edward's house Chapter 5 http:///property/1066597780-8581-Hollywood-Blvd-Los-Angeles-CA-90069

Bella's dress for the Fox dinner Chapter 9 http:///Unique-Boutique/Unique-Boutique-Ruffle-Strap-Fitted-Midi-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=571188&cid=5186&Rf-200=4&sh=0&pge=10&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black

Alice's dress for the Fox dinner Chapter 9 http:///Asos/Asos-Drapey-Cut-Out-Shoulder-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=500103&cid=5186&sh=0&pge=2&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black

Edward's suit for Fox dinner Chapter 9 http:///images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/2264287/DIOR83191_Full.jpg

Bella's outfit for the BBQ at ALice's house Chapter 17 http:///product/39606

Bella's dress for the wrap party at the Cullen's house Chapter 18 http:///product/40835

Carlisle and Esme's house Chapter 18 http:///images/nicehome.jpg

Alice's outfit for the wrap party Chapter 18 http:///product/37984

Rosalie's outfit for the wrap party Chapter 18 http:///product/39616

Edward's outfit for the wrap party Chapter 18 http:///bmz_cache/b/bf52375b49d2676d44faa320a311238f.image.450x450.jpg

Bella's dress for the premier Chapter 20 http:///product/36880

The Berkeley Hotel Chapter 28 http:///luxury_suites_rooms.aspx

The pendant for Bella's birthday Chapter 29 http:///Shopping/Item.aspx?fromGrid=1&sku=22110799&mcat=148210&cid=287465&search_params=s5-p15-c287465-r201323351-x-n6-ri-ni0-t#p63-n6-cgviewPaged-c287465-s5-r201323351-t-ri-ni0-x-pu-f

Bella's birthday/London Eye/Premier dress Chapter 29 http:///victoriasbridalcouture1/_images//2514F.jpg

Bella's birthday night club dress Chapter 31 http:///product/41588

Bella's 'Tinkerbell' outfit Chapter 37 http:///wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Sequined-Sprite-Adult-Costume-300x300.jpg

Alice's 'Alice' outfit Chapter 37 http:///photo/253627737/Sexy_Adult_Costume_Alice_in_Wonderland_Clubwear.jpg

Rosalie's 'Goldilocks' outfit Chapter 37 http:///WebRoot/BT3/Shops/Store3_002E_Shop2085/467D/8A83/3862/B0AC/FA68/AC10/3D29/388D/gold.jpg

Seth's 'Gangster' outfit Chapter 37 (very hot!!) http:///images/coquette/sexy-gangster-costume.jpg

Angela's 'Cinderella' outfit Chapter 37 http:///mgen/merchandiser/32508.jpg

House on Lake Como Chapter 38 http:///photo/4724696-lg.jpg

Alice's bracelet Chapter 39 http:///Assets/AstleyClarke/products/P/1/1/P11406_a_p.jpg

Carlisleand Esme's anniversary present from Bella Chapter 39 http:///images/products/L11508455.jpg

Bella's dinner outfit Chapter 39 http:///product/46377

Edward's Harley (wafts face with hands erratically) Chapter 39 http:///f/8777594w750st0/0607_hbkp_03z2002_harley_davidson_road_kingsidekick_custom_seat.jpg

Bella's dress for C & E's party Chapter 40 http:///images/products/47227/47227_fr_l.jpg

Hotel in Italy Chapter 42 http:///restaurants-bars

Bella's opera dress Chapter 42 http:///product/47012

Bella's bangle/bracelet Chapter 42 http:///Shopping/Item.aspx?sku=GRP00492&mcat=148204&cid=287458&fromGrid=1&search_params=s1-p2-c287458-r101323341-x-n6-ri-ni0-t

The Teatro alla Scalla Milan, Italy Chapter 42 http:///eb-media/42/117242-004-4236E991.jpg

Bella's teddy Chapter 43 http:///commerce/onlineProductDisplay.vs?namespace=productDisplay&origin=onlineProductDisplay.jsp&event=display&prnbr=EC-202852&cgname=OSSLPTEDZZZ&atp=a

Edward's Ferrari http:///img/Ferrari/Hamann-Ferrari-599-GTB-manu-07_04-1024.jpg

Bella's Wedding dinner (Edward's wet dream) dress Chapter 48 http:///images/products/45134/45134_ou_l.jpg

Bella's MoH dress Chapter 49 http:///blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/bridesmaid-dresses-0001.jpg

Angela's wedding dress Chapter 49 http:///images/products/5900/5900-mz.jpg

Bella's dress for Jasper's birthday Chapter 53 http:///images/products/61914/61914_ou_l.jpg

Alice's dress for Jasper's birthday Chapter 53 http:///images/products/61724/61724_ou_l.jpg

Edward's outfit for Jasper's birthday Chapter 53 http:///feed/uploads/1242408749_orig_reid.jpg

The Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills Chapter 53 http:///Beverly_Hills/en/default.aspx

Bella's engagement ring Chapter 54 http:///Verragio-Engagement-Rings/Classico-Engagement-Rings/CLASSICO-0356-enlarged-707.jpg

Edward's wedding band Chapter 57 http:///shopping/Item.aspx?fromGrid=1&sku=GRP01739&mcat=&cid=288177&search_params=s5-p2-c288177-r101323340-x-n6-ri-ni0-t

Bella's engagement outfit Chapter 57 http:///images/products/61725/61725_ou_l.jpg

Bella's wedding band Chapter 57 http:///Verragio-Engagement-Rings/Classico-Engagement-Rings/CLASSICO-0356-enlarged-707.jpg

The lake Chapter 59 http:///toronto-high-park-on-ca/files/2009/07/highpark-reservoir.jpg

Bella's wedding dress Chapter 59 http:///assets/tmpl_images/jim-hjelm/collection_summary_image-jim-hjelm.jpg

Edward's wedding suit Chapter 59 (click 'full size image' and open file) http:///imgres?imgurl=http:///file.php3Ff3DjHx5E5.vqNYdE.924&imgrefurl=http:///supplier_mens_formal_wear_sa_ferrari_formalwear&usg=_gvdM2S2CF-za2p21ShXGYLD8SEw=&h=339&w=255&sz=21&hl=en&start=6&sig2=_1ljGTT3hiTH-ct3bxrN6g&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=w11H5nI7VQ-ijM:&tbnh=119&tbnw=90&prev=/images3Fq3Dwedding2Bsuits26um3D126hl3Den26sa3DN26rlz3D1T4RNWN_enGB217GB21826tbs3Disch:1&ei=AIaAS7DwIY6UjAfzyImsBA

The Meadow Chapter 59 http:///desktop/wallpaperimages/29200-r-1920-1200-meadow-forest.jpg

Alice's dress Chapter 59 http:///is/image/VeraWang/15M31-LAM-BLK?PIP400X400

Angela's dress (MoH) Chapter 59 http:///is/image/VeraWang/22M09-SAT-BLK?PIP400X400

Bella's after wedding outfit Chapter 59 http:///images/products/65383/65383_ou_l.jpg

Bella's car (I want one!!) Chapter 59 http:///albums/jj146/feudal22/ferrari_california.jpg

Nat King Cole 'Unforgettable' Chapter 59 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDN5rG3wLa4

Bella's Oscar dress The Epilogue http:///images/products/65530/65530_ou_l.jpg

HUGE thanks to EccentricShadow for creating a fabulous all singing, all dancing play list for Help Wanted. You can listen as you read here.


The list of songs in chapter order is in Chapter 62.

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