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Who I Am

An odd teenage girl that prefers to spend her time alone, preferably with a good book or her computer. Some would call her insane; others would tell you she's a violent goth; and still others will tell you not to let her anywhere near your family. She wouldn't tell you a thing... probably far too focused on the flickering candles to pay any attention to you. Prefers to be called Ashurii or any variation on that. Her policy is if you don't have anything nice to say, at least say it in stabbing range so she can take out her frustrations. A proud pagan and pessimist who would much rather ignore you than give you the time of day.

About My Writing

I'm not exactly the best at sticking to a schedule; I write when I feel like it. I also tend to start projects and not finish them... and take requests and forget about them. If it's something I haven't touched in over six months I wouldn't mind a friendly reminder. Reviews are enjoyable; flames are too. Hehe...fire... Err. Anyway. I'd love a bit of constructive criticism as long as you aren't rude about it, and if you leave me a helpful review I just might reciprocate the courtesy. My policy on flamers is this: if you cared enough to read what I write, then it's a compliment whether you want it to be or not.


01. alas
02. balance
03. crisis
04. distrust
05. ego
06. fever
07. gala
08. heyday
09. idyll
10. jewel
11. kingdom
12. lilac
13. mercy
14. nuisance
15. omen
16. pardon
17. queasy
18. rebel
19. shameless
20. taboo
21. unique
22. visit
23. wander
24. x-ray
25. yummy
26. zenith

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