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About Me:

Name: Call me Melody. C:

Birthday: December 3rd

Gender: Female

My Favorite Quote: "No matter what happens, isn't it important to try?"

I'm just an otaku. An obsessive gamer, anime watcher, and manga reader. The only ways I get along with people are either one, if they like anime/manga/video games; two, are funny/nice; or three, if they're artistic. I tend to attract artistic people all the time, even though I'm a terrible artist, haha. I do love to write, read, and sing, though. :D

I'll be nice if you're nice.

~Melody :3


Favorite Games:

Kingdom Hearts
Eternal Sonata
Spyro (Original games, of course)
The World Ends With You
Final Fantasy
Ace Attorney series/Ghost Trick
"Tales of" series
Fire Emblem
The Legend of Zelda
Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee
Professor Layton

Favorite Books/Mangas:

Pretty Little Liars, The Thief Lord, Time To Smell The Roses (Hermux Tantamoq), Vampirates, The Clique, Gallagher Girls, The Kingdom Keepers, and The City of Ember.

Pandora Hearts, Reborn, Bleach, Uraboku, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gravitation, Junjou Romantica, Kuroshitsuji, Silver Diamond, Tsubasa Chronicle, D. Gray-Man, Ouran High School Host Club, 07-Ghost, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Yumekui Kenbun: Nightmare Inspector.

Favorite TV Shows/Animes:

Merlin, So You Think You Can Dance, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

Death Note, Code Geass, Reborn, Durarara!!, Baccano!, Nabari no Ou, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Fullmetal Alchemist, Junjou Romantica, Bleach, Pandora Hearts, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Kuroshitsuji, Tsubasa Chronicle, D. Gray-Man, Loveless, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, 07-Ghost, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Lucky Star.

Favorite Words:

Idiosyncrasies. :3

Intertwine. :3

Favorite Quotes (Oh dear. Most of my profile. Feel free to skip~ XD):

Riku: "Have you forgotten? I'll tell you why. 'Cause I'm not a total sap like you." (KHII)

Axel: "Haven't a clue, really. Maybe you could spell it out for me." (KHRe:CoM)

Reno: "Hey, partner. This thing here; got any bite to it?"
Rude: "...Shinra technology at its finest."
Reno: "Oh, so you made this."
Rude: "If nothing more, it's- flashy."
Reno: "Oh, good." (FFVII:AC)

Rikunort: "Lead me into everlasting darkness!" (KHI)

Demyx: "Silence, traitor." (KHII)

"Glory to Marth, our prince of light! Glory to our star and savior!" (FE:SD)

Zexion: "You useless idiot." (KHCoM/Re:CoM manga)

"The world is ending. You must create a new one." (Avalon Code's tagline)

Minamimoto: "You're so zetta slow!" (TWEWY)

Largo: "Like I always say, the best types of enemies are the ones on fire." (FE:RD)

Tormod: "You! What in blazes did you do?! You scurvy traitor!"
Sothe: "What are you talking about?"
Tormod: "You grew! Too tall!" (FE:RD)

Tiki: "Yes, oh thank you, Mar-Mar!"
Marth: "...Mar-Mar?!" (FE:SD)

Tormod: "Have no fear... Tormod is here! I'm coming to rescue you!"
Sothe: "Tormod?! You crazy fool..." (FE:RD)

"In days long past, a young man strode the lands of Tellius. He was simple yet true, his deeds brave and noble. He reunited two races long at war, and healed the heart of a goddess long gone mad. Ask any you meet be they young or old, beorc or laguz, of a hero named Ike and you'll receive a warm smile and a tale or two of faith, courage, and honesty." (FE:RD's ending)

Axel: "Commit it to memory!" (KHCoM/ReCoM manga)

Kairi's letter: "Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds out there, but they share the same sky. One sky, one destiny." (KHII)

"Destiny by sinner sought. Tragedy by power wrought." (Valkyrie Profile's tagline)

“Yeah. I’m of the opinion that if you don’t learn something, anything, new on any give day, then you haven’t made full use of the day.” (Demyx, in Lifes.Lover's fanfic, It's Complicated)

Reno: "Oh! And don't step on the flowers..."
Soldier1: "Hey, Reno, you just stepped on them!"
Soldier2: "They're all ruined!"
Soldier3: "You're gonna catch holy hell!" (FFVII)

Break: "Protecting a lady is the duty of a gentleman, after all." (Pandora Hearts)

C.C.: "Lelouch, do you know why snow is white? Because it's forgotten what color it once was." (Code Geass)

Usagi: "Being able to stay beside the one you love is one of the privileges of being a friend." (Junjou Romantica)

Tohma: "You'd think the head of a game show wouldn't have the answers so wrong." (Gravitation manga)

Tamaki: "I can't let these looks go to waste!" (Ouran High School Host Club)

Bastian: "Calm rain is like a kiss upon the face. A scent and feel unparalleled in kind. Reunions in the rain are most heartfelt." (FE:PoR)

Misa: "I can't imagine a world without Light!"
L: "Yes, it would be dark." (Death Note)

Oz: "What's wrong? It's not like you to apologize, Break. Do you have a fever?" (Pandora Hearts)

Tormod: "We're going to be best friends forever!" (FE:PoR)

Volke: "You there, in the bushes. You have until the count of five to show yourself before I start throwing sharp objects. One...two...four..." (FE:PoR)

Bastian: "Methinks I should look into this forthwith!" (FE:PoR)

Shuichi: "Was that a sniper's shot just now?! Are you okay?!"
Yuki: "Eh... Sure, no worries. It was the sound of love. I...I'm predisposed as a spirit medium." (Gravitation manga)

Hiroshi: "Is it safe for them to go out like this? The press is going to be all over them, and you know how Shuichi has a knack for causing a scene."
K: "Not to worry!! I'll be chaperoning the event!!"
Hiroshi: "For some reason I'm MORE worried now." (Gravitation manga)

Tohma: "It's not fate. It's gravity." (Gravitation manga)

Roy: "If there is a possiblity to avoid bloodshed and end this war, then I believe must try it, no matter how small the chance." (FE:SoS)

Sora: "Don't say stuff like that. It's depressing..." (KH:CoM)

Axel: "Boo." (KH:CoM)

Chesire Cat: "If you can't remember something, it never happened. Likewise, if something never happened, you can't remember it. Try too hard to remember, and your memory might lie to you." (KH:CoM)

England: "Busby's chair. A cursed chair rumored to kill those who sat in it even for only a short amount of time. But it doesn't appear to work at all on Russia." (Hetalia)

"Never underestimate the power of persuasive speech." (FE:BS, tutorial)

Ranulf: "Oh, that's just swell. So how are we supposed to defeat him? Angry looks?" (FE:PoR)

Roy: "Do you not tremble at the mere knowledge that your gruesome and explodey demise lies right infront of you?" (Hail-Nekoyasha's comic on dA)

Donald: "Boy, he sure knows how to get carried away.."
Goofy: "Yup, that's our Sora!" (KH:CoM)

Yuki: "Then don't act stupid, stupid." (Fruits Basket)

"You know, Yuki, one of these days you have to tell me your secret." (Fruits Basket)

Hatori: "For some reason when you say that, it reeks of something illegal." (Fruits Basket)

Ritsuka: "I hate people who submit to other people's commands." (Loveless)

Erk: "Even the most hardened criminal would flee in terror after five minutes in your company." (FE:BS)

Matthew: "Hurrah! Treasure time, treasure time!" (FE:BS)

Lyn: "Sain? Oh, nevermind, I know your answer." (FE:BS)

Lexaeus: "I have a feeling that all of Vexen's chores are coming to me." (KH:CoM/Re:CoM manga)

Matthew: "I've got...nimble fingers." (FE:BS)

Hector: "You are so much fun to tease!" (FE:BS)

Eliwood: "Hector, your manners are terrible. Merlinus, please... Pay no mind to what this oaf has to say." (FE:BS)

Hector: "It's nice to be appreciated for a change. Lately, people just seem to want us dead." (FE:BS)

Marta: "But I'm actually old enough to be your mother."
Ed: "That old? -Gets hit by boot- I mean... Wow." (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Ed: "Yeah, I get it. Wouldn't see me since I'm so short you couldn't distinguish me from all the grains of sand--VERY FUNNY!" (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Matthew: "Um... No, I'm not. You've got the wrong fellow... Bye now!" (FE:BS)

Kratos: "This isn't a field trip, you know." (ToS)

Ike: "It makes me antsy...and itchy, too." (FE:PoR)

Leo: "By the way, I think you're the one at fault here, Elliot."
Elliot: "What? Why me?"
Leo: "For spoiling. That's one of the unpardonable sins, isn't it? Am I wrong? You need to apologize. Properly, like a man." (Pandora Hearts)

Yuki: "Don't give that position to anything or anyone else. I want to be number one... ...on Shuichi's charts." (Gravitation manga)

K: "Insane is as insane does, Hiro." (Gravitation manga)

Reiji: "Do you know what it means to me?! How much I had emotionally invested in the prospect of seeing the moist slurping of male lips on male lips?! Will this bazooka shell adequately englighten you?!" (Gravitation manga)

Ryuichi: "Because of Shuichi, I'm happy. I just love that little freak!" (Gravitation manga)

Hector: "Sometimes you surprise me, Eliwood." (FE:BS)

Fargus: "Do they dare attack Captain Fargus and the Davros? They must be mad!" (FE:BS)

Wil: "You know! Wil! The guy next door!" (FE:BS)

Lelouch: "What we are, what we're trying to be, are knights for justice!" (Code Geass)

Oz: "I don't get all of it yet, but... if doing it will keep others from being hurt on my account, then I'll carry the burden of their feelings." (Pandora Hearts)

Lloyd: "Red, red, red. Does my outfit stand out that much? Sheesh." (ToS)

Tirado: "Prince Ephraim's reputation as a superb strategist would seem to be well earned." (FE:SS)

Ephraim: "I think not."
Valter: "What?"
Ephraim: "You said your name was Valter, didn't you? Well, I'm sorry, Valter, but I don't have time to waste playing games with you. So, we're going to knock you louts about a bit and then make our way out of here."
Valter: "Fool. Have you gone mad? Do you truly believe you can fight your way past my wyvern knights?"
Ephraim: "Watch and see. I don't pick fights I can't win. Kyle, Forde. Are you ready?"
Kyle: "My life has been yours since the moment I took my chivalric vows."
Forde: "It's moments like these that keep me by your side, my prince."
Valter: "What idiotic wretches you are... Prepare yourselves to be destroyed utterly!"
Ephraim: "We break to the east. GO!" (FE:SS)

Novala: "Hmph... Freakish old man. You should have watched. You might have learned something." (FE:SS)

Lute: "But I've found that what is written can differ greatly from how things truly are." (FE:SS)

Forde: "You really need to take yourself less seriously."
Kyle: "And you need to take your duty MORE seriously." (FE:SS)

Forde: "Death will have a tough time catching anyone who rides with our prince!" (FE:SS)

Eirika: "I, uh... It's a secret."
Ephraim: "I should've known. You're so boring." (FE:SS)

Innes: "Do you think Grado's slugs could touch me? With my bow, I'll take down every Grado soldier from here to the emporer's palace!" (FE:SS)

Lute: "I use my magic to rip them to shreds...with love, of course."
Artur: "Your way of expressing love is somewhat frightening..." (FE:SS)

Artur: "Love needs no textbooks. Just be yourself, and listen to your feelings." (FE:SS)

Wayne: "I'm sorry, my dear girl, but there is no skipping this ride." (The Kingdom Keepers)

Sharon: "Listen, Miss Alice! That feeling is what people call 'Jealousy'!
Alice: "What is that? Is it tasty?" (Pandora Hearts)

Alice: "What's with the books?"
Sharon: "It's the Bible of Romance." (Pandora Hearts)

Haruhi: "Nothing fun will happen if you sit around waiting." (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Genis: "Amateurs..." (ToS)

Lotti: "It's impossible to live without hurting others." (Pandora Hearts manga)

Ike: "If you treat others in good faith, they will follow you of their own volition." (FE:PoR, technically Greil's quote...)

Ike: "Determining who is a friend and who is a foe is something I have to be able to do. But it's just so hard." (FE:PoR)

Genis: "You think too much when you don't have to!" (ToS)

Misaki: "Just out of curiosity, did you manage to keep yourself alive this past week?"
Usagi: "Well, I tried to boil some eggs on the stove, and they exploded." (Junjou Romantica)

Miyagi: "There's no such thing as eternal love, love that lasts forever. Eventually, you'll have to say goodbye." (Junjou Romantica)

Usagi: "Isaka-san, can you not see what I'm in the middle of right now?"
Isaka: "Hm, let's see... you appear to be mere moments from devouring this young boy?"
Usagi: "You realize that, and still you linger around?"
Isaka: "I most certainly do." (Junjou Romantica)

Forde: "When you were a baby, you were planning out strategies to take over the nursery." (FE:SS)

Tethys: "This fellow's a bit scary to look at, but he's not so bad." (FE:SS)

Kratos: "She must really love ruins. Or perhaps...something happened to her when she was young." (ToS)

Colette: "Kratos, you have a scary look on your face." (ToS)

Dragon Guy: "Please, put that money away!"
Genis: "...We haven't taken it out yet." (ToS)

Zelos: "It's always best to look on the bright side of things!"
Raine: "I can't tell if he's a positive thinker or just doesn't care about anything..." (ToS)

"Two lessons learned. Work and marriage were not for him." (Montmorency)

Soldier: "We've got nothing against you, but we need you to die!" (ToS)

Zelos: "If you abandon me here, I swear, I'll come back to haunt you!"
Lloyd: "...I just had a sudden, violent urge to abandon you." (ToS)

Sebastian: "If there is anything you need, Sir Bud, please speak to me."
Lloyd: "...My name's not 'Bud'!" (ToS)

Lloyd: "I know! You're a handcuff thief!" (ToS)

Zelos: "I mean he has to deal with the fact that there are magnificent specimens of males around like me. Hehe."
Genis: "...I'd say you two are on the same level." (ToS)

Zelos: "That's our Lloyd! That's an easy to understand plan!" (ToS)

Regal: "...They're all so violent." (ToS)

Zelos: "What are you thinking so hard about? That's not like you." (ToS)

Phoenix: "(Gulp... Hands shaking... Eyesight... fading...)" (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "I, um, just forgot. ... Temporarily." (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "(I know! I'll send him a signal... TELL THE TRUTH)" (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "(I'll send him a signal... LIE LIKE A DOG)" (PW:AA)

Larry: "Ex-squeeze me?" (PW:AA)

Gumshoe: "Did... I say that? Me?"
Phoenix: "I heard you say it!"
Judge: "You did say it."
Edgeworth: "You said it." (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "I object! That was... objectionable!" (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "(What! No way he can worm his way out of this one! Oh wait... I forgot. It's Edgeworth.)" (PW:AA)

Maya: "Aah! It's that confused detective!"
Gumshoe: "Hey pal, you know Prosecutor Edgeworth is all upset, and it's your fault! I saw him sipping tea and staring gloomily out the window!" (PW:AA)

Gumshoe: "That's MY endearing character trait!" (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "Please state your full name."
White: "You wish to know the title of my personage?"
Edgeworth: "Er... your name?"
White: "Yes! That is what I said! Oh dear, do my locutions confuse?"
Edgeworth: "Name!"
Phoenix: "(These two are great together...)" (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "Will the witness declare her name?"
Oldbag: "... Hmm? My, aren't you a handsome fellow! I'm afraid I'm a bit flustered!"
Edgeworth: "Y-your name, please!"
Oldbag: "Oh, dearie! No need for you to be embarrassed! Just call me 'grandma.'"
Edgeworth: "YOUR NAME, PLEASE!"
Phoenix: "(Seems Edgeworth has a bit of trouble getting his witnesses to say their names...)" (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "O-objection! I... object to the witness's talkativeness." (PW:AA)

Oldbag: "Of course I have proof!"
Phoenix: "What!?"
Edgeworth: "Huh!?"
Phoenix: "(Even Edgeworth is surprised!?)" (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "..."
Phoenix: "(Wow, old windbag has left even Edgeworth speechless! She's good!)" (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "(E-Edgey-boy...?)"
Edgeworth: "..." (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "(Ohhh yeah, right here! Sherlock Holmes II, baby!)" (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "(Uh oh. Edgeworth is laughing...)" (PW:AA)

Maya: "What are you getting me for Christmas, Nick?"
Phoenix: "Talk to Santa." (PW:AA)

Judge: "The witness is ignoring me."
Phoenix: "(It must hurt... to be ignored by a bird.)" (PW:AA)

Maya: "See, Mr. Edgeworth? You should take a lesson from Detective Gumshoe! That's how you say 'thank you'!"
Edgeworth: "Mmm. I... I see. -ahem- Whooooooooooooop! ... I... I feel foolish." (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "Where does that leave me!? I became a defense attorney because of what you two did!"
Edgeworth: "Well, I'd call you a goody-two-shoes to the extreme."
Larry: "Yeah! And you get worked up too easily, too!"
Phoenix: "D-death! The death sentence for both of you! Man, if I only had known, I'd have become a prosecutor!"
Edgeworth: "The same goes for me, only the other way around... For the longest time, I thought that I might have killed my own father. I thought I might be a criminal. I became a prosecutor in part to punish myself. If I had known the truth, I might have become a defense attorney after all."
Phoenix: "Edgeworth..."
Edgeworth: "Want to switch, Wright?" (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "Name. Profession. Now." (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "(A judge with a bib. That's why this place feels so much like kindergarten sometimes.)" (PW:AA)

Judge: "Hmm! Harsh words. But good!" (PW:AA)

Lloyd: "I mean, I'd understand it if they said Zelos was useless."
Zelos: "Yeah, you're right. ...Hey, wait a minute! What's that second comment supposed to mean?!" (ToS)

Lloyd: "Do you ever say anything original?"
Zelos: "You gotta admit...that line is seriously cliched." (ToS)

Lloyd: "Is everybody okay?"
Zelos: "I'm still alive." (ToS)

Zelos: "Age has no meaning in love." (ToS)

Chigusa: "So I have to seduce him, right?" (Silver Diamond manga)

Zelos: "What, so I don't matter? -sob sob-" (ToS)

Judge: "What is it with you people!? Can't I hand down my verdicts in peace anymore!?" (PW:AA)

Oz: "He who only lives for himself will never become stronger." (Pandora Hearts)

"Without those particular idiots... ...this world would be completely boring." (Fairy Tail manga)

Ike: "All right! Somehow we did it."
Boyd: "Somehow? What do you mean, somehow? We did it because we're better than them!" (FE:PoR)

Shinon: "In the end, I got to feather someone. So it was worth the rush." (FE:PoR)

"And no matter what happens... Do not give up, do not complain, and do NOT stay up all night playing!" (LoZ:WW)

Regal: "That's a very disturbing laugh..." (ToS)

Soren: "Steal from the dead on your own time." (FE:PoR)

Soren: "My... What a stupid speech." (FE:RD)

Gatrie: "Uh... I don't hear a thing..."
Shinon: "Idiot! That's the problem. Don't you think that's a bit odd? Complete silence, in all four directions."
Gatrie: "Oh, so that's what you're talking about!" (FE:PoR)

Lloyd: "From the moment they are born, everyone has the right to live." (ToS)

Zelos: "From now on, call me the Mysterious Masked Handsome Warrior Zelos." (ToS)

Judge: "If I cut my finger Mr. Wright, I wouldn't be able to pound my gavel anymore."
Phoenix: "(Yeah. But if I cut my finger, I wouldn't be able to point it at people anymore...)" (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood!?" (PW:AA)

Phoenix: "Um... I ate it." (PW:AA T&T)

Oz: "You tick me off fifty times worse than Break does." (Pandora Hearts)

Edgeworth: "Although we enjoyed Mr. Wright's dramatic performance, one question remains... What's your point!?" (PW:AA)

Judge: "This is that 'Blue Badger' from before, right?"
Lana: "Oh, is he going to just speak the killer's name?"
Edgeworth: "If that thing could, I'm sure it would."
Phoenix: "(Looks like everyone's forgotten this is just a jar.)" (PW:AA)

Edgeworth: "Hmph! It was nothing."
Phoenix: "(Liar...)" (PW:AA)

Ed: "Dammit, there are so many idiots whose asses I have to kick!" (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Forde: "What is it about you that makes me talk so much?" (FE:SS)

Axel: "Don't wait, act. One of life's little rules." (KHII)

Count Waltz: "There's no need to report when things are going well." (ES)

Hanekoma: "The world is more than just what you see." (TWEWY)

Shiki: "If you get it wrong..."
Neku: "...You explode?" (TWEWY)

Minamimoto: "You planning to erase them, or EAT them?" (TWEWY)

Uzuki: "Who made today's mission for ages 3 and up!?" (TWEWY)

Neku: "I am not a...a spicy tuna roll!" (TWEWY)

Shooter: "It's like your fiery passion slams into the other guy's, like WHAM!"
Joshua: "Hee hee... Sounds like a fun time." (TWEWY)

Joshua: "I'd hate to run into one of your enemies... Brr!" (TWEWY)

Minamimoto: "Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon." (TWEWY)

Joshua: "My, my. We're twins. It must be fate." (TWEWY)

Joshua: "...Understanding people isn't hard, Neku. It's impossible." (TWEWY)

Axel: "Roxas, you and I and all of the Organization are what we call Nobodies."
Roxas: "That's not very nice." (KH 358/2 Days)

Demyx: "You ever get the urge to do something stupid... and AWESOME?" (KH 358/2 Days)

Demyx: "I love days when Larxene is out. I can sit around playing sitar... ...instead of gopher!" (KH 358/2 Days)

Axel: "You can't forget him, right?" (KH 358/2 Days; about Xemnas...)

Roxas: "But look at him! All he does is play his sitar all the time."
Axel: "Roxas, give him some credit. He works as hard as- Okay no he doesn't. But I'm pretty sure he has a job." (KH 358/2 Days)

Demyx: "Thanks! Here, take this and we'll call it squaresies." (KH 358/2 Days)

Roxas: "Don't you spend enough time in bed?"
Axel: "Are you kidding? I'd nap six times a day if they let me." (KH 358/2 Days)

Roxas: "But Demyx doesn't have a heart, and I bet he'd get upset if you took his sitar away." (KH 358/2 Days)

Riku: "To make sure my best friend... sleeps in peace." (KH 358/2 Days)

Minamimoto: "Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart!" (TWEWY)

Roxas: "Do you know what love is?"
Axel: "'Scuse me?" (KH 358/2 Days)

Roxas: "The cat is a walking question mark." (KH 358/2 Days)

Demyx: "Wait, training? That sounds like work, which means sweating. Which is gross." (KH 358/2 Days)

Axel: "I can fly... I can fly!?"
Roxas: "You can fly." (KH 358/2 Days)

Demyx: "Yeesh... Is it too late to go home?" (KH 358/2 Days)

Xigbar: "Our little Roxas is growing up so fast." (KH 358/2 Days)

Demyx: "I was, uh...cheering you on! Couldn't you hear me? Gimme and 'R'! Gimme an-"
Roxas: "Are you blind!? That wasn't part of the Games!" (KH 358/2 Days)

Judge: "You do make trials... ridiculous, Mr. Wright." (AJ:AA)

Olga: "I'm not really Russian! And my last name sounds like 'Oh really'!" (AJ:AA)

Kristoph: "'Oh really, Orly'? How droll." (AJ:AA)

Phoenix: "I assure you, I'm quite sane." (AJ:AA)

Judge: "Believe me, far stranger things have gone on in this courtroom." (AJ:AA)

Allen & Lavi: "I LOVE YOU!" (D. Gray-Man)

Allen: "Even now I refuse to lose at cards!" (D. Gray-Man)

Allen: "I don't get it! I'll never understand women!" (D. Gray-Man)

Demyx: "All this time, I've been talking to a puppet... Intense." (KH 358/2 Days)

Luxord: "If only the whispers at the top of the ladder carried here to the bottom rung..." (KH 358/2 Days)

Axel: "Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?" (KH 358/2 Days)

Moogle: "I couldn't let you leave the castle alone, kupo! Your munny always has a place in my pocket, kupo." (KH 358/2 Days)

Phoenix: "Klavier Gavin... rock 'n' roll god incarnate." (AJ:AA)

Apollo: "I started my voice training at 5 this morning." (AJ:AA)

Klavier: "Achtung, baby! Today, we play it my way!" (AJ:AA)

Apollo: "(Grr... I'll wipe that smile off your pretty face, Gavin!)" (AJ:AA)

Apollo: "I wish he would stop being so... so cool." (AJ:AA)

Klavier: "How many panties are you carrying in your pocket, Herr Forehead?"
Apollo: "These are the last!! Honest!!" (AJ:AA)

Larry: "I feel like... I feel like I still have one chance left at the dream..."
Phoenix: "(This guy will never change...)" (PW:AA T&T)

Edgeworth: "This one single statement is so full of contradictions... For a moment there I thought I was going to collapse." (PW:AA T&T)

Franziska: "Depending on your answer... I may let my whip have its way." (PW:AA T&T)

Edgeworth: "Are...!"
Franziska: "You...!"
Judge: "High! The girl... She's really high up in this picture!" (PW:AA T&T)

Larry: "Because I'm going to feed you a whopping serving of pain!"
Edgeworth: "(...You've been serving us a whopping serving of pain this whole time. Trust me.)" (PW:AA T&T)

Franziska: "A fool's fool fools fools who foolishly accept the foolishness of a fool's fool." (PW:AA T&T)

Phoenix: "(-sigh- I was ready to hug it out with him, but he's just the same, prideful Edgeworth.)" (PW:AA T&T)

Larry: "This is the losers' shack, where losers get together to lose themselves!" (PW:AA T&T)

Gumshoe: "So what's the perfect tool for the job!? Ta-da! A metal detector!"
Phoenix: "(Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming from a mile away...)" (PW:AA T&T)

Gumshoe: "It's so sensitive, you could make it cry! It's so hi-tech, you could sky dive off it!"
Phoenix: "Oh, brother." (PW:AA T&T)

Judge: "Come on already...! I can't stand the tension!" (PW:AA T&T)

Godot: "Some beautiful woman always seems to come dashing in at the last minute to save you." (PW:AA T&T)

Neku: "Damn, Joshua. Remind me not to tick you off..." (TWEWY)

Minamimoto: "SINE! COSINE! TANGENT!"
Tenho: "..."
777: "..."
BJ: "..." (TWEWY)

Joshua: "Hee hee. I'm happy you're happy." (TWEWY)

Bak: "These are NOT pictures I took while stalking her!" (D. Gray-Man)

Lavi, Bookman, & Miranda: "The Marshall's actually doing his work?"
Lavi: "That's kinda surprising." (D. Gray-Man)

Tyki: "Seems we all suck at our jobs." (D. Gray-Man)

Kanda: "Playtime's over." (D. Gray-Man)

Kanda: "Don't ever let me hear you say my first name. I'll slice you to pieces!"
Lavi: "Always so scary..." (D. Gray-Man)

Lavi: "That's right. This is supposed to be a happy reunion."
Allen & Kanda: "Shut the hell up! I'll cut all of your hair off!" (D. Gray-Man)

Kanda: "My name is Kanda, you lightning bastard." (D. Gray-Man)

Tyki: "You guys have black tears!"
Debitto: "You dumbass, Tyki!"
Jasdero: "Our makeup ran!" (D. Gray-Man)

Allen: "Well, life itself is a gamble." (D. Gray-Man)

Lavi: "Resume the war!" (D. Gray-Man)

Debitto: "If you don't want your two precious friends to be reduced to ashes..."
Jasdero: "You'll pay off our debt?"
Allen: "You're still completely stuck on that?" (D. Gray-Man)

Jasdebi: "Did we turn his anger into power by calling him a vampire? No, that only happens in manga." (D. Gray-Man)

Bak: "I'm brilliant, so relax." (D. Gray-Man)

Klavier: "Quite the pickle. Quite. The. Pickle." (AJ:AA)

Klavier: "Ah. Because I want women to turn and look when I walk down the street." (AJ:AA)

Reever: "Branch Chief Bak, your presence helped us greatly!"
Bak: "Of course, I'm brilliant!" (D. Gray-Man)

Komui: "Please make sure you don't do anything rude."
Cross: "Are you my mommy?" (D. Gray-Man)

Capricorn: "We're all liars when it serves our purpose." (Inkheart)

Klavier: "Jurists! Judge well, and judge cool." (AJ:AA)

Rufus: "I'll control the world with fear." (FFVII)

Natsu: "Oh, no! What can I do...against an idiot?!" (Fairy Tail manga)

Cloud: "What you pursue will be yours. But you will lose something dear." (FFVII; TOTAL MARLYNESS)

Cross: "This little beer-belly punk... ...is gonna make a lovely little sample for testing." (D. Gray-Man manga)

Allen: "It's a sword. You've just been stabbed." (D. Gray-Man manga)

Bel: "Flukes don't happen to princes." (Reborn)

Bel: "I woke up this morning and had a ring. I'm amazing." (Reborn)

Klavier: "I came... to get the party started. Legally, ja?" (AJ:AA)

Phoenix: "...Now that you know the game, let's play." (AJ:AA)

Bugenhagen: "No matter what happens, isn't it important to try?" (FFVII)

Ciel: "Something once lost will never return." (Kuroshitsuji)

Ciel: "I'm not losing at anything that has 'competition' written all over it." (Kuroshitsuji manga)

Note: "Watch this, you wild, pathetic chosen children of sloth and depravity.
England is the motherland of the devil. It steals everything and forces its worthless, rotten, and decadent culture on you instead.
To all the bitch-dominated idiots of this Land, you are the ones that deserve the vengeance of Heaven!
Now, the Day has come!"
With a tongue at the bottom. (Kuroshitsuji manga)

Sebastian: "They would be happier in death? How arrogant."
Ciel: "Do non-arrogant people exist?" (Kuroshitsuji manga)

Ciel: "There was nothing here! The thing they were protecting didn't even exist! They didn't know about this, they even became so desperate... That they died!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Their desperate hope was ridiculously crushed like a worm. Superficial. Cruel. Revolting. Isn't it even more demonic than a demon!" (Kuroshitsuji manga)

Angeal: "No story is not worth hearing." (FFVII:CC)

Angeal: "What's the matter?"
Zack: "I forgot my materia while I was on assignment!"
Angeal: "If you're on assignment, where's your sword?"
Zack: "-Starts running-"
Angeal: "Ever the restless puppy." (FFVII:CC)

Zack: "The wallet must be in one of their stomachs. That means I'm gonna have to...oh, gross. ...Gotta love this job." (FFVII:CC)

Zack: "All right! Prepare to be trounced, last month's data!" (FFVII:CC)

Hibari: "I need to bite the boss of Monkey Mountain to death before I can go home." (Reborn)

Hibari: "If you're going to die, do it outside." (Reborn)

Zack: "No way...he just ate my hair!" (FFVII:CC)

Judge: "Ah! My wife has red nails! I see... so she's been painting them all this time!" (AJ:AA)

Mukuro: "Illusions... or real illusions. Hidden in an illusion is the real illusion. From one illusion will sprout another illusion. Hidden in truth lie lies, hidden in lies hides the truth. This is the mist." (Reborn)

Bel: "The prince was bored and came to bug you." (Reborn)

Squalo: "If you interrupt me again, I'll kill you!"
Bel: "Wanna try?" (Reborn)

Ryohei: "The story began the day before yesterday... Wait, was it the day before...? The day before yesterday?" (Reborn manga)

Gokudera: "The Tenth boss is a person so great he has surpassed greatness." (Reborn manga)

Xanxus: "Kill them! Kill them all!"
Cervello: "Master Xanxus!!"
Bel: "I approve! Way to go, boss!" (Reborn manga)

Kristoph: "It's not everyday I'm summoned from my soliltary cell. ...In fact, it's never." (AJ:AA)

Klavier: "The law isn't absolute. It's filled with contradictions." (AJ:AA)

Phoenix: "Judge wisely. Judge well." (AJ:AA)

Hibari: "I'm good with illusions, 'cause I hate them." (Reborn manga)

Hibari: "Just like what 'Bucking Horse' said... To increase the flame of the ring is... to be pissed off." (Reborn manga)

Bel: "That froggy might die during the mission... By my hand, that is." (Reborn manga)

Bel: "Shishishi~ Those wounds are definitely left by me." (Reborn manga)

Zill: "The only one who can sit on a chair and fight is his great royal highness, Prince Siel." (Reborn manga)

Byakuran: "That simple-minded way he has about him... It's so easy to take a simple mind in the palm of my hand." (Reborn manga)

Mukuro: "It wouldn't do, if someone else besides me ruled the world." (Reborn manga)

Vincent: "This mansion is the beginning of your nightmare." (FFVII)

Chobin: "I really...really...hate this name." (Star Ocean: First Departure)

Principal: "Can I make a copy? I want to brag to my grandchild that a student from my school got on TV!" (Bleach manga)

Keigo: "While we were outside playing around like idiots, you retreated to your room alone and studied hard without saying anything. You fiend! You damn nerd!" (Bleach manga)

Urahara: "Don't use other people as an excuse to go kill yourself." (Bleach manga)

Urahara: "You put it on like this! Put it on your forehead like so... And yell at the top of your lungs.. 'Take this! The powers of justice! Justice armor, justice hachimaki!' Attack!!"
Ichigo: "O... Okay, I get it!! Put it on the forehead like this and... ... Like hell I'll do that!" (Bleach manga)

Ichigo: "Er... Take this! The powers of justice! Justice armor, justice hachimaki! Attack!!"
Urahara: "Wow...! You actually did it...!!"
Ichigo: "You bastard!!" (Bleach manga)

Ikkaku: "HAHAHAHAHAH!! H... How's that possible!! Are you idiots!? -Squirt- Shit! I laughed too hard! My wound opened up!!"
Ichigo: "You're the idiot." (Bleach manga)

Yumichika: "Who are you? Sorry, I have a bad memory for ugly faces." (Bleach manga)

Tifa: "Cloud would... stand that cocky little way he did, and tell us what to do." (FFVII)

Renji: "Rukia was chosen because she knows you best."
Rukia: "That's not true! They chose me for my ability!"
Renji: "And I was chosen because I'm quick, I have extensive combat experience, and I know Rukia. ...I was told to choose a combat team outside of the captain-class. So I asked Ikkaku to accompany me. Then Yumichika demanded to come along, and... ...Rangiku heard the commotion and didn't want to miss the fun. And because Rangiku was coming, Captain Toshiro reluctantly came along to keep an eye on us."
Ichigo: "What is this, a picnic?" (Bleach manga)

Ururu: "Hazards are... enemies. Enemies... must be exterminated." (Bleach manga)

Shinji: "Don't say 'Ehh!' There's nothing cute about an older guy saying 'Ehhh!'" (Bleach manga)

Vincent: "Hmm... Looks like escape is their best skill." (FFVII)

Lisa: "I'm not perverted! I'm just immensely fascinated!"
Kensei: "In this world, we call that perverted..." (Bleach manga)

Sally: "Just because you haven't heard it before doesn't mean it isn't a word." (Vampirates Book 4)

Phoenix: "And I've never. Lost. Once." (AJ:AA)

Phoenix: "It's quite a draw. That is, I'm quite a draw." (AJ:AA)

Uryu: "Besides, you've already been thrown away by Soul Society."
Ichigo: "..."
Uryu: "In other words, right now you are neither a shinigami nor their comrade."
Ichigo: "...That's some messed-up logic."
Uryu: "Just admit that I've found a paradox in the promise."
Ichigo: "That's why I'm saying you have messed-up logic!"
Uryu: "You're annoying. Just whose side are you on anyway?"
Ichigo: "I'm your enemy!" (Bleach manga)

"'This marriage we bear witness to tonight,' Stukeley continued, 'is no ordinary marriage. For when I speak the words eternal union, I mean exactly that. These two are immortal and so can never die. Nor will their love.'" (Vampirates Book 4)

Szayel: "Yes, exactly. I'm glad that you repeated it as confirmation. That's rather skillful for such an idiot." (Bleach manga)

Szayel: "Unfortunately, I don't swing that way." (Bleach manga)

Uryu: "...You monster...!"
Szayel: "'Genius,' is what I prefer to be called." (Bleach manga)

Grimmjow: "Just shut up and let yourself be healed! I came here to beat the shit out of you in top condition!!" (Bleach manga)

Szayel: "Inferior beings such as yourselves... Irritating me to this extent... And even forcing me to fight you at full strength... That is the very definition of a 'bad joke'." (Bleach manga)

Uryu: "Everyone noticed I am sure... As it's quite obvious... That his clones are wearing counterfeit trousers." (Bleach manga)

Ulquiorra: "Oh, I get it...this here in my hand...the Heart." (Bleach manga)

Phoenix: "(Eek... I don't want to steal one of his hearts...)" (PW:AA JFA)

Jacques: "That was then, this is now. The flow of a good match always changes during a rally." (AAI: ME)

Phoenix: "(Earplugs... Must... Find... Earplugs...)" (PW:AA JFA)

Phoenix: "-Blush- It's.. nothing..." (PW:AA JFA)

Franziska: "You fool! Do you ever shut up?" (PW:AA JFA)

Matt: "Dude, that's terrible! Don't let some disembodied voice boss you around!" (PW:AA JFA)

Edgeworth: "If I could receive large rolls of cash simply by bringing people things on trays... Then why on Earth would I stand around here prosecuting!?"
Phoenix: "(He's got a point... I don't even get paid, let alone rolls of cash for all my hard work.)" (PW:AA JFA)

Phoenix: "(Words cannot describe how screwed I am...)" (PW:AA JFA)

Edgeworth: "Heh heh heh. I'm terribly sorry..."
Phoenix: "(What is with him? Why is he laughing??)" (PW:AA JFA)

Usagi: "I've become so used to your being here that I've begun to fear being alone." (Junjou Romantica manga)

Neku: "Right... My hero." (TWEWY)

Neku: "Must... trust... partner..." (TWEWY)

Business Guy: "You forgot your WHITE!" (TWEWY)

America: "Oh, a watch? Isn't this cool. ...Huh? Uh... Looks like I can't take it off though..."
Switzerland: "Now, do not ever meddle with me again... If you value your life." (Hetalia)

Anton: "Don't be ridiculous. Look at me! I'm too young to be anyone's grandfather." (Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box)

Anton: "The sun rises when you and I meet, and when the wind blows, you will know my heart." (Professor Layton and Diabolical Box)

Edgeworth: "Don't sleep while I'm pointing my finger at you!" (AAI:ME)

Edgeworth: "(Sorry, I don't speak Badger Dance.)" (AAI:ME)

Izaya: "I love people!! I love them!! That's why-- they should love me in return. Don't you agree? Ryugamine Mikado-kun?" (Durarara!! manga)

Vincent: "I'm not very mechanical, but it seems like we're starting to move." (FFVII)

Cloud: "Aeris... I'll do the rest."
Vincent: "I? You mean WE." (FFVII)

Person (Dunno who e_e): "...Where do you think you're going?"
Gaara: "To verify my existence." (Naruto manga)

Reborn: "You're really underestimating me as the world's ultimate hitman." (Reborn manga)

Izaya: "Well, you couldn't even tell the difference between the real one and the fake. I guess your love wasn't all that much. Nice work..." (Durarara!!)

Izaya: "Then, I'll have to cause a war only I can cause." (Durarara!!)

Deidara: "That explosive instant is the only point where I consider it to be true art! Because art is an explosion!" (Naruto manga)

Itachi: "We all live inside our own fantasies. Don't you think?" (Naruto manga)

Byakuya: "If we do not obey the law, who will obey?" (Bleach)

Zetsu: "A-ha-ha-ha! It's an octopus leg! -- It's not funny!" (Naruto manga)

Tobi: "Whoa! You're of the Aburame clan! All wriggly and gross, man!" (Naruto manga)

Sasuke: "I have long since closed my eyes... My only goal is in the darkness." (Naruto manga)

Edgeworth: "Do I look like the joking type to you?" (AAI:ME)

Kida: "My body belongs to everyone, but my heart is yours alone." (Durarara!!)

Jazz: "Anything can be cut." (ES)

Izaya: "Even if it's tainted with misunderstandings and delusions, if the people themselves believe it, the past is the truth to them." (Durarara!!)

Sasori: "Take away all of their puppets, and even the greatest masters are nothing." (Naruto)

Erika: "If reality and fiction are equal, then any reality you don't need can just be called delusion." (Durarara!!)

Spade: "A sword exists for the sake of cutting down your enemies. Otherwise, it is but a lump of iron." (Reborn)

Ulquiorra: "In reality, it is impossible for people to truly share their feelings. It's simply a human delusion." (Bleach)

Usagi: "Beautiful results, that's all that matters." (Junjou Romantica)

Fugue: "Wha-?! Three-eyed freak? Young lady, I trust you aren't referring to me." (ES)

Count Waltz: "My allies? Those stupid creatures are nothing more than pawns in my little game." (ES)

Jazz: "It is with those who are still living, that we must live our lives." (ES)

Allegretto: "Putting everything you've got into whatever it is you do, that's what life is all about." (ES)

Mello: "In the end, there's no greater motivator than revenge." (Death Note manga)

Near: "I've almost completed my scenario. I don't want you to do anything to destroy my scenario." (Death Note manga)

Biwako: "Good lord, you're the fourth hokage! Don't panic! This is why women have babies, you men can't handle pain!" (Naruto manga)

"I thought I was Gilbert Nightray who had a dream of being a butterfly. What if I am a butterfly who, at that very moment, is dreaming of being Gilbert Nightray?" (Pandora Hearts manga)

Shuusei: "What I think about is obvious. I think about you." (Uraboku manga)

"A direct, honest gaze, with a strength and sparkle I don't have... My partner. If you're in trouble, I'll come save you no matter where you are. If you're crying, I'll stay with you until your tears stop. I've been able to live this long because you were there." (Uraboku manga)

Shizuo: "What is this fucking beeping? I can't read that many words!" (Durarara!!)

Miharu: "Unless both are safe, the one who was spared will not feel saved." (Nabari no Ou)

Yoite: "There is no justice in those who speak of justice." (Nabari no Ou)

"The world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes, does it?" (Memento)

Aizen: "Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be annihilated at any moment." (Bleach manga)

Alois: "A spider's web on which the morning dew has gathered. Wear that as a veil over an honest face." (Kuroshitsuji II)

Shouichi: "What's ironic is that those were the happiest moments in my life..." (Reborn manga)

Reborn: "Nothing beats Varia quality." (Reborn manga)

Byakuran: "It can only be a momentary intoxication of hormones that you'd oppose me with humanism! If that's your answer to living obediently trapped inside the human society, then it's pathetic!! Hypocrisy could never win against the ugly desires of humans! That's how this world is made!" (Reborn manga)

Byakuran: "I've long since stopped believing in reality." (Reborn manga)

Koyo: "I'm an idiot that accepts the fact that I'm an idiot!" (Reborn manga)

Ichigo: "Scared? Of what's in front of your eyes right now? Of something happening that you can't understand?" (Bleach manga)

Lea: "Inside people's memories, I can live forever." (KH:BBS)

Ciel: "You... Only you. You said you'd be by my side until the end." (Kuroshitsuji manga)

Ragna: "I'm an awesome ghost girl!" (BlazBlue:CS)

Ragna: "-Explosion- What the hell was that? Did someone get hit by a truck?" (BlazBlue:CS)

Tager: "Commander Kokonoe, you're brilliant!"
Kokonoe: "AH HA HA HA HA HA! Yes I am." (BlazBlue:CS)

Vincent: "Because right now... I really need to torture someone..." (Pandora Hearts manga)

Snow: "I mean, come on! When a chocobo agrees, you know you're on the right track." (FFXIII)

Hope: "Do something for me, will you? Keep smiling." (FFXIII)

Snow: "Don't worry, this tear will be her last. I'll make sure of it." (FFXIII)

"All possible possibilites of the world, the continuum shift." (BlazBlue:CS)

Hazama: "I never get tired of watching someone's own mind tear them apart!" (BlazBlue:CS)

"If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go." (TWEWY)

"When you don't know! What else to do! Dance! Dance! Dance! We call it! The 'Panic Dance'!" (Ghost Trick:PD)

Howl: "I see no point in living life if I'm not beautiful." (Howl's Moving Castle)

Edgeworth: "I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objecting, Your Honor. I didn't." (PW:AA)

"Under the starry night, two heroes who would save the world soon looked up at the same sky." (KH:BBS)

"Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it."
"We must return to free them from their torment."
"There's a road for the taking if you end our world's aching."
"There are more hurts than the one you have just undone."
"Undo the hurt to unbar the way." (KH Re:Coded)

Data Riku: "I'm just zeroes and ones to look like someone you know." (KH Re:Coded)

Data Sora: "That doesn't explain why his attitude stinks."
Data Hercules: "...Nobody's perfect?" (KH Re:Coded)

Data Queen of Hearts: "You didn't finish what you started. Faulty character!" (KH Re:Coded)

Merlin: "Right, because I suppose if you do, you'll have to kill me."
Arthur: "Immediately without hesitation." (Merlin)

"...And killing things mends a broken heart?"
Arthur: "No, but it's great fun." (Merlin)

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